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This is one of those - entire weeks actually - where watering plants has not been exactly entertaining. I don't want to be out there. I just want to sit in here and bask in the coolness of the AC and forget about everything.
Ohhhh - the life of laziness. Just sit around all day long and do nothing but watch movies and surf the internet - and - well - that really doesn't sound that great, not for an entire lifetime.

Cool to do it for an hour here and there, but every single day?

However, there is NO WAY I am going to just let the plants go - die - and have a property full of nothing but weeds and grass growing everywhere. The point wasn't in idleness, the point was this last weekend: 114 degrees without any kind of cooling is enough to make you want to do things. Not good things, either. So I force myself out there and after a while, the "feeling" comes back and I'm happy to be out there.

I'm telling you, this last weekend made me become an absolute …