Thursday, July 23, 2009


This is one of those - entire weeks actually - where watering plants has not been exactly entertaining. I don't want to be out there. I just want to sit in here and bask in the coolness of the AC and forget about everything.
Ohhhh - the life of laziness. Just sit around all day long and do nothing but watch movies and surf the internet - and - well - that really doesn't sound that great, not for an entire lifetime.

Cool to do it for an hour here and there, but every single day?

However, there is NO WAY I am going to just let the plants go - die - and have a property full of nothing but weeds and grass growing everywhere. The point wasn't in idleness, the point was this last weekend: 114 degrees without any kind of cooling is enough to make you want to do things. Not good things, either. So I force myself out there and after a while, the "feeling" comes back and I'm happy to be out there.

I'm telling you, this last weekend made me become an absolute hater of doing anything in the heat. Hence, the need to force myself back out into it and do whatever needs to be done and at the same time, attempt to enjoy it.

My guest dog - Roscoe - is back again until Sunday. The owner hasn't brought him here in quite a long time, and I have really quit doing the dog-watching thing. There is too much liability and there is too much chance of an animal that hasn't been trained and chews/destroys everything in it's path. I can see the reason why kennels are set up as they are. Now, if I had an actual kennel setup here, I would be avidly promoting my situation to the entire Craigslist world and beyond for the services I can provide. But - I continue to watch Roscoe because I have had few problems with the dog. He can be mischievous outside - but inside he pretty much behaves.

I am still very much interested in building a garage with a loft - a rental unit.
Actually, I'm interested in building a kick-@$$ loft that I would move into myself. I have the vision of it - on the second story, a totally open space. The only walls being the exterior walls. I've had the vision for that place for some time now. It's hard to explain what it is - but imagine an entire house of everything being open without walls - sans the bathroom of course. Your kitchen, living room, bedroom - just a big room. NOT a kitchenette little space, either. I'm talking a loft big enough to adequately house everything and have the look of airiness.

It may never happen. I do not have enough, adequate carpentry skills to build such a place, first off, and second off, even if could do it myself, money is such a huge issue right now. But - if I could put such a place up, I could rent out my master bedroom and that would be even more money for my coffers - plus - I wouldn't have to personally be exposed to all of it. Them there, me here. I don't hate my renters, but I also don't like what some of them do. My view of renters is that they can do whatever they please in their bedrooms - as long as it isn't destroying the structure and there isn't too much noise - but what they do in the common areas of the house? Should be a no-brainer - total respect for everyone else and the premises itself.

I won't get started on that - I might start getting mad about some of the s*** that goes on around here. I have, as I have said a few times now, been purposefully avoiding looking at video surveillance. I haven't done it in a couple of weeks - but tonight? Definitely. Some stuff has happened and I want to know who did it. When I find out - whoever it is - they are going to be directly addressed with it, there will be no friggin' written notices this time, regardless of the outcome.

Umm, so that was pleasant, yes? No. Oh well. Oh, I found the 3rd and final rental agreement - I need it to show my lender proof of income. I sent the other 2 in today via fax, this will be the last one and then, this is the last of the paperwork and tomorrow, I should find out what, exactly and if anything, I qualify for in terms of a loan modification.

I'm making dinner - but for who? I have all a package of cube steaks that will expire after today. I don't want to freeze them cause' my freezer's full. I at a piece of chicken this morning and I have had a couple strips of bacon a little while ago. That should be plenty for the day - I'm attempting to lose some weight after reading Tim's blog about how he's going to start dieting and I offered to diet along with him - sort of an accountibility thing. I have learned, though, that many people don't stick with it. Still, I'm going to start and see what happens. I have about 15 pounds I need to shed. I'm at the point of - buy larger clothing or get serious about weight loss and get rid of the excess fat.


Well enough of that - the previous post that is. Excepting that I found out the hard way this morning that there is ammo hoarding going on, ...