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I'm not ignoring this blog - I've just been posting a lot more at KCL -
It is slowly seeming - at least the skeletal remains - of what was once the "Great JS". There are lots of new faces there as well, but there is definitely a good core of what used to make up JS. So, I'm slowly fading into the walls and becoming a small part of it over there.

However, for whatever reason, I feel more "freedom" in writing over here. I can't possibly explain it, so I won't try.

Anyway, I just spend a good portion of time pulling weeds out front. I have let it go - to some small degree anyway - because it's just been plain too hot and all the ordeal I went through baking in the heat last weekend without AC - just haven't wanted to do any of it. Which doesn't mean I got everything done out there - but I got a good portion of it done which makes me feel a little better about it.

Which also makes me want to get this drip inst…