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Folks, if you're coming here from the Dinner blog, just tellin' ya that this is my personal blog about my daily events. You're welcome to read, of course, but it's really a different tune and book than the blog over there. I'm just a regular person doing - what I consider to be - normal things in life.

On that note, I have been facing my own financial difficulties - really all the way through any of the food sharing. Each "blow" has had it's unique consequences.

Well, anyway, onto other things. As I said on my KCL blog today, the boss brought his mapp gas torch and equipment with him to work today, totally out of the blue. I never expected it - I had given up on it, really. I figured to bite the bullet and buy the necessary equipment when my 401k loan hits the bank and I have some money to deal with.

Well, I'm very happy to have this equipment borrowed versus having to go out and buy it. I'm thinking early Saturday morning to get out…