Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Folks, if you're coming here from the Dinner blog, just tellin' ya that this is my personal blog about my daily events. You're welcome to read, of course, but it's really a different tune and book than the blog over there. I'm just a regular person doing - what I consider to be - normal things in life.

On that note, I have been facing my own financial difficulties - really all the way through any of the food sharing. Each "blow" has had it's unique consequences.

Well, anyway, onto other things. As I said on my KCL blog today, the boss brought his mapp gas torch and equipment with him to work today, totally out of the blue. I never expected it - I had given up on it, really. I figured to bite the bullet and buy the necessary equipment when my 401k loan hits the bank and I have some money to deal with.

Well, I'm very happy to have this equipment borrowed versus having to go out and buy it. I'm thinking early Saturday morning to get out there and get the copper installed before it gets too hot to want to do anything. I would do it sooner - like today - but I want enough time to deal with any problem that might occur. I haven't done copper sweat joints in a long time - I'm sure I can pick it up again, but - no need to push fate. I will be able to install the entire drip system in the next few weeks and actually save money on water bills in the process.

I am also excited about the prospect of some time off - even if it's a stay-at-home vacation. To take an entire week off, I would still have half again the hours left over. I NEED some extended time off. Many people at work have been doing the exact same thing - I feel a little less fearful about making the request and actually doing it than I did before after hearing so many stories about people taking vacations and then - attempting to go back to work - finding out their job has been "eliminated". This has not happened to anyone at work thus far, I'm hopeful that I can do the same. So, August it is, of course that is if I get the days I want approved. Actually, I couldn't care less which week in August it is - I have no set plans, it's just a week off.

I am actually hoping within the next 2 weeks I can do this. That way I can just do this nice little project - while baking in the sun and getting very tanned (I haven't worn any shorts this year, just long pants but I have been taking off my shirt to do a little tanning there) - well I haven't worn any shorts because, I realized the other day, I have only bought ONE pair of shorts since my house burned down and my clothes went with it - and I have no clue where that pair is. A couple of pairs of shorts is on the buy menu.

I'm still in the woods, though, concerning the loan modification. I have no clue what determination they are going to come up with. I'm not exactly at ease about that - I have no idea what offer they are going to make - if any at all. They have given such mixed signals I can't even begin to believe anything good or bad - just have to wait it out.

I think I'll cut this one short. I am tired and I want to take a 15 minute nap and then go out and water all the plants. It's still 113 degrees out there at 20 after 5!!!
That's CRAZY!!!

C'ya later.

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