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My brain is abuzz with ideas of what to do with 5 total days off. I'm doing it - I am. I hope to be employed - when I get "back". I have NOT seen my company playing the gee-you-went-on-vacation-and-now-your-position-has-been-terminated game, plus there are a LOT of people doing the vacation thing right now in our company, I'm not denying myself the pleasure any longer.

And anyway, if I don't take some vacation hours within the next month, my vacation hours will stop accruing because I will be at the 80 hour limit. I asked for 3 days off, I had thought about a full week. Instead, I will ask for another 3 days off in October or September, or hold off and wait until Thanksgiving or Christmas - whatever I can get.

So, what to do? Money is tight - I'm not going to waste all of my 401k loan money on a vacation. Should it be a project vacation and just stick around the house and work on things around here? Should I go to Blockbuster and rent every movie I …