Wednesday, July 29, 2009


My brain is abuzz with ideas of what to do with 5 total days off. I'm doing it - I am. I hope to be employed - when I get "back". I have NOT seen my company playing the gee-you-went-on-vacation-and-now-your-position-has-been-terminated game, plus there are a LOT of people doing the vacation thing right now in our company, I'm not denying myself the pleasure any longer.

And anyway, if I don't take some vacation hours within the next month, my vacation hours will stop accruing because I will be at the 80 hour limit. I asked for 3 days off, I had thought about a full week. Instead, I will ask for another 3 days off in October or September, or hold off and wait until Thanksgiving or Christmas - whatever I can get.

So, what to do? Money is tight - I'm not going to waste all of my 401k loan money on a vacation. Should it be a project vacation and just stick around the house and work on things around here? Should I go to Blockbuster and rent every movie I love and spend days and days doing nothing but lounging around watching my favorite flicks? What about a trip to see my mom up north? My dad down south? The lady friend I have been talking with via email; phone and IM's for several months?

What about an ordeal to take my son to a place he has always wanted to go - that I don't care about either way? The ordeal would be me driving there; letting him and a friend have at it for a day - and then driving back to save hotel/food/whatever else expenses. That could be done pretty cheap. It would take up a day and a half of my vacation and I could do other things. The cost would be minimized by the shortness of the trip. "They" could spend the day at the amusement park, I would spend the day laying on the beach, alone, wrapped in a sheet, traipsing the water once in a while, enjoying the sounds of the ocean.

Oh yes, I have done that several times. It's an exhausting trip because you leave yourself no overnight stay at a hotel. Get up at 3am, drive til' you get there, drop them off, head to the beach. It's a very minimal possibility of actually doing it - but I haven't gone anywhere in almost 2 years now. Crazy.

A true vacation is not a working one. But - if I stay home - that's exactly what I will end up doing - and it won't bother me to do it. Some kind of ADVENTURE would be nice for once. A trip to the woods with the dogs and camp out somewhere - too bad all of my camping equipment is totally GONE after the fire. It's always fun to think about all that I lost with that fire. A lifetime of things that I had acquired and have not been able to replace. Times are tight, I'm not whining, just reminiscing about the days gone by. I'm one of those survivor type of people - come what may, I will do whatever I can to come out on top. But - as I get older - the energy isn't what it used to be.

Lol, on the same note, I find I can keep up with any 20 year old in THIS day and age. Energy, maybe, stamina, fortitude, motivation, endurance - don't see alot of that. Heck, why don't we ALL just up and live off the government? Yeah, that's the ticket, we can all live in a half-@$$ed state of existence, given dolences here and there by government stimulus. Might as well go live in a communist society - SCREW that S***. Sorry for the lapse, but I have no desire to have government invading my life to the tune THIS government is doing and the road it's headed on.

Oh, and this was about an alleged vacation. Face facts: it's a stay at home deal. I can rent movies and if I can find enough that I like, I can lay in bed watching them. There is no significant other to lay in bed with, so that might degrade the experience, but - I can do the lone thing and have a good time doing it, really.

Next week? I hope so. I really just want to lay around doing nothing more than eating, sleeping and watching those movies for a couple of days and spend the other days getting stuff done around here. I put the paperwork in today. Heck is coming down the pike on Monday I'm assuming at work. I won't specify in case there are - people from work that might, in a lightning strike's chance - have found this blog, know who I am and see what's coming. It's worth it to keep my mouth shut on such issues, when it happens then I can talk.

You know what? A real vacation for me is one where my mind is totally abated to the problems that life is "offering". That usually doesn't happen unless I get out of here and get away from here. I'm going to have to think about how I can do that without spending money I can't afford to spend. There are definite possibilities, methinks, I just have to dial in on one that appeals to me and go for it.

Now? I'm going to bed.
I hope you all are doing well, if you are not, please let me know and I can spend some time praying for you - if, of course, you are open to that.
God is good.
And I don't mind saying here: Jesus is Lord.
Why? If you have to ask that, I can't help you, but HE can.


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