Thursday, July 30, 2009


I have to say - and this is a politcal rant but not of the same nature that I read everyone else about - that Obama is the most undignified president I can remember in my lifetime. It has NOTHING to do with race, either.
The man props his feet up on the Oval Office desk. He walks around in a long sleeve shirt often with the sleeves pulled up.
This isn't freakin' Disneyland - he's the PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES. Drinking beer with whoever in front of the whole nation?
My God, man, WAKE UP and SEE the ERNORMITY of the position you hold - and ACT like it!
"Hey kids, whenever you have a problem, do like the president does - go out and smoke a cigarette, invite some people over and get drunk". Did they get drunk? Who knows? The media circus was removed after only a few minutes so the real outcome - will probably come out sooner or later because someone will leak it eventually.
All the Bush haters - you ever see him dressed like that? Or propping his feet up on the Oval Office desk? Or a myriad of other actions which only cause to solidify my opinion on this facet of a man that treats the White House like it's JungleLand.

I did not vote for this man and I am even more decided that just about anyone else would be better than this s***. I don't even care about party lines anymore, just get me a person in there with COMMON SENSE - a person that has the pulse on the normal, regular American Jane and Joe. That doesn't see the treasury as a giant money tree - farm it for whatever you want to do - in this case, TRILLIONS of dollars. I'm not sorry to rant about this - our kid's kid's kid's kids are going to be paying for this crap.

Whatever. WHO is backing this health plan, anyway? It seems to me that that a majority of Americans are NOT liking what's coming out of this. Well why should anyone? You're going to see a Grand Canyon sized cavern for WASTE of TAX-PAYER'S money. If anything will sink us financially - it will be this unbelievably BAD idea. They are making this stuff up out of thin air. They are being rushed to put forth a package that - will not have had the time necessary to research and figure out how to go about this LUCIDLY versus INSANE. Hey, dudes and dudettes, we're REFORMING - so let's REFORM. WHAT reform? I will bet anyone money that if this thing passes, it will turn into the BIGGEST WASTE of taxpayer dollars EVER. There will be nothing that will come even close to it. Medicare? .... will pale in comparison. With the advent of this behemoth coming about, I am coming closer to the side of those that view Obama as a socialist. I don't CARE what anyone thinks socialism is - this nation is headed on a road that I don't want to see it go on.

Again, I didn't vote for the man.

Well, I was going to actually write about something else, but I just got through looking at pictures and reading the story of Obama, Gates, Crowley and Biden sitting there at a table, drinking beer for the whole world to see. This is a MOCKERY. That's all I see it as.

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