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Days just go by right now. The stifling heat is mostly keeping me indoors. I do go out and tinker around with things - but I don't last long. When the month of August disappears, then I will have a little more hope for cooler weather and an end to temps that are so incredibly high, really, there is nothing to do but wait around until it's gone.

One thing we are looking forward to is the trip to Wet 'n Wild on Friday. That's the beginning of my 4-day weekend. The place stays open late - I told Caleb I probably wouldn't last THAT long. It will hopefully be fun - but - like anything, a point comes to where you've had enough, let's move on.

I am definitely looking forward to having 4 days off. I would like to say I have grand plans beyond going to a water-park - but I do not. It is very difficult to make any plans until I get beyond this loan modification decision - though certainly, I should have a clear picture about that by the end of tomorrow. The …