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Day 2

About the end of the second day after the rent is due and there is nothing presented from the person that owes it - I start to get a bit annoyed. I find it disrespectful that a person living in another person's house - that knows the rent is due - says nothing about paying the rent.

I hardly believe they have somehow forgotten about it. Ask many people what the first of the month means - bill paying day or days. The fact that it's 2 people that owe me a total of $575 just ups the agitation level. However, I pretty much always give 3 days before - on the 4th day - I start writing notices. Note that after the 1st of the month, even on the second day, I can legally give out a 5-day notice.

My printer is broken anyway, and it's non-repairable. Somebody dropped the thing off the side of the computer desk and it's trashed. I have to write up notices at work now - though I am looking for a good used printer, figure I'll eventually find my deal on Craigslist.

I ha…

Haggling In The Recession

Are you paying the ticket/listed price for retail store bought goods?

Why? We're in a recession - companies are as anxious to make any kind of profit versus none at all.
Haggling is a learned art. It is probably not something that comes naturally to most of us, especially in America. We go to a store, see the listed price - we pay it.
The higher the cost something is, the better than chance you can get the price brought down on it. But - it certainly isn't limited to large-ticket items.

My visit to Home Depot last week proved that. They had a stick of copper pipe I needed for this project I am doing. For whatever reason, 2 feet of it had been cut off. They don't sell it like that, so it was odd that they had it in stock. It was the last stick of pipe in the gauge there. I wanted that pipe, but there is no way I was going to pay full retail.

The man that approached me asking if I wanted help - couldn't help me. He offered 10% off - apparently that's the most…