Monday, August 3, 2009

Monday/Day 3

Well, I already wrote about last night's adventure - an all-night adventure at that - on my KCL blog. In short, I was called out last night at about 9:15 pm to go on an emergency run for pipe. The pipe was in Tucson, the jobsite in Chandler. The issue? A large sewer main pipe had ruptured to the point they decided they were going to have to bypass a huge section of it - almost 1,000 feet - with temporary pipe (though the pipe I took them would last 100 years if not longer) until they could address the problem.

So - naturally - I am quite tired today. I'm feeling it now - I just went outside and watered the entire property's worth of plants. I had no choice in doing that - it wasn't that bad but now I feel REALLY tired. Oh, and the loan mod went through - not what I wanted but better than nothing - I also wrote about that on the KCL blog.

Anyway, I'm going to force myself to stay awake until at least 8:00pm and then I'm going to go to bed early and hope by tomorrow morning I will feel normal again (though, it usually takes days after an all-night driving stint for me to get back to normal status, really).

The company that bought the pipe to fix it for the city - basically bought without even asking the price as far as I know. They took the deal with number sight-unseen. A weekend AND an overnight stint will cost them even more - we put surcharges on any after-hours emergencies.

Now that I know I got some kind of loan mod, that's one thing behind me - sort of. It really has only just begun - but the point is it IS going to move along now. I am still waiting to hear about the work issue - which to my knowledge has not been addressed yet.

No, neither of the tenants has addressed me on why they haven't paid the rent yet or even offered an explanation of why they haven't. Tomorrow I will be issuing "friendly" notices when I get home from work if it goes on that long. It won't be an eviction notice - but it will be JUST short of one. More like a friendly reminder along with the statement of late fees and will include a short statement about if there a problem paying the rent on time - which apparently there is - please come forth and let's discuss the options, thanks.

Certainly, I would like to think I can have a little leniency for those that normally pay the rent on time. Just I want to KNOW - WHEN - they ARE going to be able to pay it, really that's it.

Anyway, that's it for this blog for the day - too tired to go on with anything else.

Have a great evening!

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