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Airbus In The News Again

I was rather amazed to see yet another incident with an Airbus aircraft, this time an Airbus 320.
An engine caught on fire while or after - a bit unclear - it was disengaging from the boarding ramp.
An airline employee noticed liquid leaking from the engine as it was being started and made and alert - but the fire broke out before anything could be done about it, apparently.
I think Airbus's reputation is becoming extremely tarnished - again as I mentioned sometime ago - starting to take on the image of the DC-10 after numerous of those brand and model of aircraft kept having disastrous crashes.

After all the reports of incidents with these airplanes, I would not want to fly on one of them. Illogical? Perhaps. Perhaps not. I haven't flown in 4 years anyway - though - I love to fly. It's always a fun thing for me - even on Sardine Airlines.

On another note, one of J.D.'s little brothers came over here earlier, ringing the doorbell. I do not have a front door on …

I'm Writing To Myself

Lol. Well, no big deal. My writing is because I like to write, so - even if no-one is reading this stuff, I will continue on.

On the eve of a hopefully nice, fun day tomorrow at this new waterpark. But that's tomorrow.

Yesterday, I looked at some pork - stuff - like steaks, sort of - but full of fat. Yuck. It was cheap, but I don't want to eat this kind of thing. I put the stuff into a very large frying pan and cooked it on very low for a couple of hours. I figured to cook the fat out of it - and if I couldn't, the dogs would be eating well (definitely NOT a fan of pork fat, chicken fat and most beef fats - some good steaks such as Porterhouse has VERY tasty fat, a thing I indulge in very rarely).

Well, the pork became very tender and fell off the bones with a fork, the fat has almost disappeared into grease. There was only a few small strips of fat left which I removed. Drain the grease, pull out the fat, remove the bones. Only problem left? I only had a 1/3rd o…

Thursday - More

Well I already wrote an entry on my KCL journal - have to go there to see it. Anyway, today marked the beginning of 5 days off. Hootin' hooooooo! Numerous things were accomplished already - I am not going on vacation for these off days, I'm just taking a break from work - like many others in our company are doing right now.
I went to Fry's and bought 3 parvo shots for the dogs - they call them 7 in 1 shots. I don't know what the rest of it is - I think there's something in there for the flu and other junk that I have no clue what it is or what it does. Mixed all 3 doses up, injected them into the dogs. Hadn't done that in a while - none of them made a fuss about it. The price was right, too - at $9.99 per shot, that was cheaper than Walgreens and, I found out, Walmart doesn't sell those shots anymore, at least not at the one I go to.

And yes, I visited Walmart. I don't seem to be able to go into a Walmart without ending up with some kind of prob…