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My Friday

Hmmm, it just dawned on me that I still have 3 full days left of this time off from work. I will not be going back until Tuesday. Very nice.

I would address the waterpark first, but my amazement at the rift that I started - quite unintentionally I might add - on all sorts of blogs on KCL got my attention.

Let me say here for the record: I did NOT go all over KCL and start trash talking the place. I have NOT written to everyone I know in PM's about my disgust for it. I ONLY wrote a SMALL blip about my departure from the site, those that found out about it and talked trash about me - had to come to MY journal to find out what I said, go to their or other journals, write the trash and be done with it.

But - my feelings about KCL aren't nearly that intense. I don't HATE the place, I just don't like a good deal of what I am reading over there. Don't go to this blog, don't go to that blog. Whatever. People read into something I didn't say, made HUGE a…

Wet 'N Wild Day!

Well - I hope it's going to be as fun as I believe it is! I LOVE waterparks, especially big ones with all kinds of stuff to get all haywired out in.

The place opens at 10:00 am and doesn't close until 10:30 pm! Guaranteed a few things: won't be there at opening time and won't be there at closing. Lol. I figure a good 6 to 8 hours of it and I'll have had enough to last me a long time, really.

Totally spaced that today is a payday for Ken, one of my tenants. If nothing else, the man pays me the rent religiously. I'll be blowing a good chunk of that money today at the waterpark - the place isn't exactly cheap. Discount entrance tickets are $32 with tax; a locker is something like $12 and I'm pretty sure they'll be charging ballpark style prices of food (though I am going to encourage the boys to eat something before we leave).

Why am I blowing money right now? I'm going to have my version of a vacation, however pathetic it may be - my tho…