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Moving On

Ken will be in my thoughts and prayers, for sure, but - there is so much other stuff going on that I simly can't stop my life for this. I did stop it for a day's worth, for sure, and I hope the procedure is good, that he fully recovers and that he can go on with his life - he's only 48 years old.

As morbid as it might sound speaking about this so quickly, I have now another room that I will have to rent out - meaning shortly, all 3 rooms will be empty. Ken will not be recovering too quickly from this - I have read the stats about this kind of thing, you're lucky to recover enough to get out of a nursing home type of thing in 40 days. I can't hold his room for 40 days - the ONLY way that happens is if I can't FIND someone else to rent it.

I am not, of course, going to bring that up until they find out whether he's coming through this or not - what his prognosis is - in other words, time to deal with the shock of a family member going through such a trau…


I guess I didn't write over here yesterday about the situation that took place here starting yesterday afternoon and going on into the night - I am realizing that I have readers both here and on KCL and that the 2 don't necessarily intermix. So, I apologize for my tardiness in getting anything written up - it was a hectic night last night to say the least.

Let's start out saying that Ken is a tenant living in one of the rooms in my house. He has been here for 4 or 5 months I guess. He hasn't really been one of the greatest tenants for multiple reasons, but, I have tolerated the stuff, though at least one of the current tenants doesn't like his methods and ways. I haven't been able to find a listing of "Perfect Tenants" anywhere, where I can pick and choose from a list. I have to post on Craigslist and hope I find someone at least halfway normal.

I would not, in looking at Ken's lifestyle, call his normal. He goes on excessive weekend binges …