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Ken has been diagnosed, after all kinds of tests, with something different than their original diagnosis. Arteriovenous malformation is the name of the condition, it's congenital and it's a complicated explanation of what it is, I'm not even going to try. I looked it up online and that was enough for me.

I finished the copper project today on the last day of my staycation. The rest of what has to be done for the drip system - well I have never done any of it, so though I don't think it's going to be terribly difficult, it may take time to figure it all out. Getting the copper portion of this thing done was a big hurdle to cross for me and I'm just happy to have gotten beyond it.

I have a guy coming over tomorrow to takealookit a room. Will he show? Who knows, but he works in this area - a FedEx driver to be precise. It's the common theme for tenants moving in here - the location agrees with the closeness to their work. The guy is currently living some…

It Seems To Have Worked For My Parents

The situation with Ken is pretty much in limbo - vast amounts of people are praying for him (I made sure of that by asking for emergency prayers from the prayer group I'm part of that, after the request gets forwarded on and on and on - potentially goes on to tens of thousands of people).

I started thinking about "growing old and fat". I would rather not have to grow old - but if I want to live anymore around here, that's going to have to happen - but this concept of getting fat simply because you are getting old is a club I don't want to join.

I have watched my gut grow ever since my house burned down - a little over 2 years ago now. My life was changed, apparently - but I don't have any of that after-effect (that I know of) going on in my brain now, it's about time to get the after-EFFECTS out of my system as well. Eating a lot of junk food was my mainstay for a while simply because cooking was hardly an option.

There's a REASON it's called ju…