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Whoda Thought?

........that anything good would come out of this situation with my roommate Ken and his unbelievable, nightmarish condition in the brain and all of the crap he's going through.

We had to go to Facebook to find his family the day I found him passed out on the floor. I mean, we called 911 first and got him on his way to the hospital, of course, but after that, we HAD to find family so they could deal with this and make whatever decisions necessary about what was going to happen with him.

I have had a Facebook account for some time now - and have done absolutely nothing with it. I couldn't even remember my password to get on there, my other roommate ended up doing so, left my phone number as a message with one of Ken's family members that we found and she called me a little while later asking what's going on.

So, my middle brother sent me a friendship request a while back for Facebook. I ignored it, what's Facebook all about, anyway? Didn't understand the form…