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Well, the work week is half over, though I only started it yesterday. Tomorrow is payday - and a bit of a repeat from my other blog - the tenant who is being relocated to Boston for work - paid me today for an entire month's worth of rent!

Today's trucking entry brought to you by an idiot driver.

I was driving on a 2-lane highway going 65 MPH - that is the speed limit on that highway. A mini-van came up from a side road. I watch for stuff like this because people do incredibly dangerous and stupid stuff out there. I was about 500 feet from this side road when I saw the van. I was probably 300 feet from that road when this moron pulls out. He takes his sweet old time turning left from his road - to right in front of me.

I'm involved in getting the truck slowed from 65 - to - 35. This person took their sweet old time getting moving as well. Sitting at 45mph on a 65mph road with traffic stuck behind me and I'm stuck behind this guy - not very happy either - I fin…