Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Well, the work week is half over, though I only started it yesterday. Tomorrow is payday - and a bit of a repeat from my other blog - the tenant who is being relocated to Boston for work - paid me today for an entire month's worth of rent!

Today's trucking entry brought to you by an idiot driver.

I was driving on a 2-lane highway going 65 MPH - that is the speed limit on that highway. A mini-van came up from a side road. I watch for stuff like this because people do incredibly dangerous and stupid stuff out there. I was about 500 feet from this side road when I saw the van. I was probably 300 feet from that road when this moron pulls out. He takes his sweet old time turning left from his road - to right in front of me.

I'm involved in getting the truck slowed from 65 - to - 35. This person took their sweet old time getting moving as well. Sitting at 45mph on a 65mph road with traffic stuck behind me and I'm stuck behind this guy - not very happy either - I finally see an opportunity to pass. I get beside this guy - and he speeds up! Suddenly, he's going 65mph!! I would have EASILY passed this guy going as slow as he was going.

Well, I have to shut it down - traffic was approaching me and I hit the brakes hard and got back behind him, now I'm starting to fume. This guy did all of this on purpose, apparenlty: pulling out in front of me; going 20 mph less than the speed limit; speeding up after I got into oncoming traffic lane to pass.

Another car that had pulled out before this guy did from the same road - and now going the same direction, was going 50 mph on this highway. We - the van; my semi and a ton of traffic behind me - caught up to this car. Another opportunity arose to pass BOTH the van and the car. The van was on the car's tail. And that I did. When I got beside the van, I saw a balding man in his early 50's with a huge smirk on his face. I decided I better let this one alone, losing my job because I got mad at some damned idiot isn't worth it.

Onto other things. I got on the scale at work at the main branch for the first time since last week. I am down to 197 pounds! Well, I started this diet at 206 pounds, so in less than a month I've lost 9 pounds just by eating smaller portions, eating slower and not eating so late, plus trying to eliminate fat/junk food? Not bad.
I'm drinking a LOT of water as well. Ice water to be exact. Hardly a chore for me, I love ice water especially in the summer. That was very encouraging to see on that scale today - I got on it with a bit of trepidation, wondering after all that has happened since I last weighed on Wednesday of last week, if I hadn't gained my small losses back.

Whatever. I'm dealing with the pressure of trying to get roommates in here and it's been a bit difficult to face it, but Pete handing me a full month's rent today after we had already agreed I would just keep his security deposit and leave it at that? Gave me a lease on time. I will have no more tenant money coming in now until I find more tenants. But - Pete's was a full month's rent, that helps immensely. Ken - well, he wouldn't pay me again until next Friday. Obviously that isn't going to happen and Mimi is outta here, so she stated, on Saturday.

I'm hoping they get Ken's surgery done soon so the docs can give a good statement of how long it's going to take for him to recover and really, when I should land the bomb on the family to come get his stuff. I may be wrong, but I don't really think he's going to be self-sufficient for quite a while, much less be able to go back to work and hold down a job.

I'm treading through summer. I'm looking forward to cooler days which will cause me to want to start exercising again. I'm looking forward to a lot of things. Dunno if I'll ever get - there. Life is pretty strange stuff - the old saying always applies: enjoy it while you have it.

G'nite folks.

Well enough of that - the previous post that is. Excepting that I found out the hard way this morning that there is ammo hoarding going on, ...