Thursday, August 13, 2009


I bought most of the rest of the stuff I need to install the drip system today. I figured while I have the money, get it, especially considering I have already started the project and am well into the nuts and bolts of it.
Set me back a bit, but nothing like what the price tag would have been - almost $300 list.
I could not get anything close to the money I'm paying for this stuff without employee discount at work, anywhere. Employee discount is cost with a 6% bump that corporate automatically adds to any and all orders.

Rained - lightly - most of the day today. Sky was overcast all day long. So, when I got home, took a short nap and went out front to pull some weeds........and THEN, the sun decides to come out! Pleeeeeeease. I pulled out the weeds anyway, regardless of nature's desire to cook my back with glaring sun while doing it.

Tomorrow - Friday/payday/end of work week. I'm hoping to get more done on the drip system this weekend now that I have passed the copper intallation hindrance. Temps are going to be hot - but not excessively so. I can do some stuff in the mornings if nothing else.

Ken - the tenant living here that was found unconscious - has finally underwent surgery. I called the hospital a while ago and they said he had JUST gotten out of surgery, please call back in an hour as they were busy with dealing with him and the doc was still present in the room and wanted the nurse that I was speaking with for whatever reason. Well, finally, we'll get some idea of what his long-term prognosis will be.

I'm facing some stuff right now with tenants leaving that is a little more than I want to deal with, but life goes on. I realized today Ken is actually paid up through the rest of the month, so I am doing nothing about that until his rent is past-due.

I don't have a lot of time here as there is too much to get done today, but definitely wanted to update my blog.
Have a great day/night/life!

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