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I bought most of the rest of the stuff I need to install the drip system today. I figured while I have the money, get it, especially considering I have already started the project and am well into the nuts and bolts of it.
Set me back a bit, but nothing like what the price tag would have been - almost $300 list.
I could not get anything close to the money I'm paying for this stuff without employee discount at work, anywhere. Employee discount is cost with a 6% bump that corporate automatically adds to any and all orders.

Rained - lightly - most of the day today. Sky was overcast all day long. So, when I got home, took a short nap and went out front to pull some weeds........and THEN, the sun decides to come out! Pleeeeeeease. I pulled out the weeds anyway, regardless of nature's desire to cook my back with glaring sun while doing it.

Tomorrow - Friday/payday/end of work week. I'm hoping to get more done on the drip system this weekend now that I have passed the copp…