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Blabbing Away

The good mood is giving way to sleepiness - which is a good thing.

I'm just staying awake late enough to hopefully get a good night's sleep.
Pete has been lamenting all day about his desire to not leave. He dreads Boston winters.
I have to wonder if his employer - United Airlines - is going to make it through this recession. I hope it does, obviously, the more companies that go under, the harder it is going to be for people to find jobs when the recession IS over.

I didn't do so well in the diet department today. I was doing good until Pete decided to buy pizza. I rarely buy the stuff because of the unbelievable amounts of calories in it, but, I couldn't resist. I ate 4 slices of it. That's somewhere between 1,200 and 1,500 calories worth.

But - in considering dieting - I don't beat myself up for a "bad" day. I just move on with it, there are always going to be days when you pretty much failed and - so what. The point is that I probably consumed…


The weekend is here!
I shouldn't say finally, so I won't.
I've been feeling in a very good mood all day long, which is something spectacular considering the last 2 nights I haven't slept very well, which usually makes me grouchy and irritable, especially by this hour of the day.

This week's events have been interesting. It started last weekend with finding Ken unconscious in his room and his evolved into a daily calling the hospital, finding out any progress.

It took on new twists as I have dealt with trying to cover the loss of 3 tenants all at once - well certainly 2 for sure. Tomorrow, when I call the hospital again, I am going to ask about the expected recovery time. These people do this stuff every day, they should be able to give a ball park.

I have talked with an individual that is allegedly coming over tomorrow to take a look at one of the rooms. I ALWAYS say allegedly or something similar simply because you never know if they are actually going to sho…