Friday, August 14, 2009

Blabbing Away

The good mood is giving way to sleepiness - which is a good thing.

I'm just staying awake late enough to hopefully get a good night's sleep.
Pete has been lamenting all day about his desire to not leave. He dreads Boston winters.
I have to wonder if his employer - United Airlines - is going to make it through this recession. I hope it does, obviously, the more companies that go under, the harder it is going to be for people to find jobs when the recession IS over.

I didn't do so well in the diet department today. I was doing good until Pete decided to buy pizza. I rarely buy the stuff because of the unbelievable amounts of calories in it, but, I couldn't resist. I ate 4 slices of it. That's somewhere between 1,200 and 1,500 calories worth.

But - in considering dieting - I don't beat myself up for a "bad" day. I just move on with it, there are always going to be days when you pretty much failed and - so what. The point is that I probably consumed about 3,000 calories today - which is FAR more than I have been for any given day in the last several weeks now.

I'm going to bed soon. I have to get up early - which I do anyway so it's really not like it's hard - but I want the place clean when this potential renter comes over in the morning. It will be nice looking and nice smelling in here - like a freshly cleaned home smells.

And when everyone's gone, I'm going to clean the carpets in the entire house. I was going to pay someone to come do it, but that much carpet would cost a fortune to clean. I'll just get a bigger machine that can cover more ground in a shorter time and do all 5 bedrooms plus the hallway and the living room.

Ummm, okay, fatigue just sent in and I think I'm finally ready to go fall asleep.
C'yall tomorrow/Ava G'nite!


The weekend is here!
I shouldn't say finally, so I won't.
I've been feeling in a very good mood all day long, which is something spectacular considering the last 2 nights I haven't slept very well, which usually makes me grouchy and irritable, especially by this hour of the day.

This week's events have been interesting. It started last weekend with finding Ken unconscious in his room and his evolved into a daily calling the hospital, finding out any progress.

It took on new twists as I have dealt with trying to cover the loss of 3 tenants all at once - well certainly 2 for sure. Tomorrow, when I call the hospital again, I am going to ask about the expected recovery time. These people do this stuff every day, they should be able to give a ball park.

I have talked with an individual that is allegedly coming over tomorrow to take a look at one of the rooms. I ALWAYS say allegedly or something similar simply because you never know if they are actually going to show up.

Now? I am going to head outside and to my copper array that I installed last weekend and think about starting out on the pvc portion of getting this drip system installed. Just takealookatit.

I just got done watching Whale Wars. In this episode, they Sea Shepherd and it's crew are exposed to a full-fledged harpooning of a whale and it's caught on camera. They see fully 3 whales killed and brought to the harvesting ship. They showed a blurp from next Friday's episode - it looks like they actually are going to ram the factory boat!! Wow!!

One ship against that many cannot possibly expect to stop the harvesting of whales. They need to come up with a new plan and from what I can see, they need to get their own water cannons and that sound thing that causes extreme discomfort at anyone you aim it at. And new strategies. I can imagine the cost of such an operation immense even if they are volunteers. I'm not totally against whaling - but I am against the harvesting of any endangered animal/mammal. I mean, I tend to look at it not unlike the slaughtering of cows, chickens and pigs. Cept' I think the whales they are harvesting ARE on the endangered species list or certainly their populations are down significantly.

Lots to do. Lots. I have to get the house cleaned up tomorrow morning for the potential new tenant's arrival. I usually start doing that on Saturdays, anymore, anyway. Not that much to do - clean the vinyl/wipe everything down/vacuum. A good hour and it's done. I'll be up early doing that as it takes priority over installing a drip system that is costing money, not bringing IN money. Mimi is out of here tomorrow. That room will be empty. Ken's room is for all intents and purposes empty and Pete's room will be empty as of Monday evening. So, in 3 days, the house is emptied of tenants.

Next? Move on. Stay strong, fear not, get on with the program. I will get new tenants and I will get the income I need.

And for that, I'm outta here, as I want to look at that situation JUST before it gets too dark to see anything.

C'ya tomorrow (Lord willing, of course) and G'nite!

Well it's almost 3 pm and I haven't heard from the manager about a run for tomorrow, so I'm going to assume that it isn't go...