Saturday, August 15, 2009

First Room Rented!~!

Yayyyy! I wrote about this in the other blog - but it's enough news to write about in both - if you happen to read both blogs, not much difference in either of these posts, EXCEPT something I'm adding to this one I forgot to include on the last one.

That would be the issue of female tenants. I love the female said of the human equation, no doubting that. BUT - living with them is an entirely different matter. I have had nothing but problems with females - excepting Rosa - since I started doing this stuff. I really would far rather just rent to guys and keep it that way if at all possible. I'm not saying I WON'T rent to another female - when it comes down to the dollar bills and surviving, I'll do whatever I have to.

I can say that Mary was half nightmare-half dream. The work she did around here will have a permanent effect - the landscaping in the front and other things she did was fantastic. I'll take my hat off to her for that. Of course, smoking meth in the house didn't quite work out too well for me............

The Pole-Dancer was another - not-so-great-dream. No need to go into that, but another drug user and pot smoker.

Sheila, the first-ever tenant I had in this house and lasted all of 7 days before I had to have Phoenix Police remove her. Betsy - who just couldn't handle living with the boys in here. She was okay, though, she just couldn't bear it (not withstanding the fact that she has appeared, out of the blue, fully 3 times now looking for a place to live).

Where the rubber meets the road is money, and for that, if I have to take another female tenant, I will certainly spend a good deal of time attempting to explain EXACTLY what goes on around here to the fullest extent so that person can make an informed decision. Again, I ALWAYS say that if they don't like it, they can just up and leave, no questions asked, no trouble, just a deal that didn't work out too well.

I need to run another ad today, but I am kinda of phased at the moment. Meeting new people to move in sometimes temporarily takes it out of me. The wind comes back later on in the day, the effort needed to greet, meet and discuss whatever at great lengths is enough for one morning, plus all the cleaning I did earlier today, plus the dogs meeting each other. Oh, well the morning only has 75 minutes left in it, anyway.

The rest of the day? I thought about just taking it easy. It's going to get hot outside and I won't want to do anything with the drip system, but perhaps later on I can start putting PVC together for the manifold. I actually don't think it will take all the long to put the manifold together, to be honest. I am running 3 stations off of it to begin with, but I will probably end up with a 4th later on. It's just that that sitation is in the direct sunlight and I don't have to have one of those large umbrella type table awnings to keep it off of me - the sun that is.

That's it - and that's enough for now.

Hoping you're all have a great day (or evening depending on where you're at!)!


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