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First Room Rented!~!

Yayyyy! I wrote about this in the other blog - but it's enough news to write about in both - if you happen to read both blogs, not much difference in either of these posts, EXCEPT something I'm adding to this one I forgot to include on the last one.

That would be the issue of female tenants. I love the female said of the human equation, no doubting that. BUT - living with them is an entirely different matter. I have had nothing but problems with females - excepting Rosa - since I started doing this stuff. I really would far rather just rent to guys and keep it that way if at all possible. I'm not saying I WON'T rent to another female - when it comes down to the dollar bills and surviving, I'll do whatever I have to.

I can say that Mary was half nightmare-half dream. The work she did around here will have a permanent effect - the landscaping in the front and other things she did was fantastic. I'll take my hat off to her for that. Of course, smoking meth…