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What kinds of thoughts permeate your mind when you go to sleep at night?
Do you ever remember any of your dreams - or nightmares?
When you wake up in the morning, what thoughts greet - or terrify - your mind?
Do you live life to it's fullest every single day?
Are there days when you just "let is slide"?
What is your outlook on life? Is it mostly postiive and energetic...
or is it mostly the opposite - full of dread and fear, negativity in it's purest and yet most raw form.
Do you think about your mortality - ever?
Maybe once a day? A week? A month? Never?
Does life seem to you at some points that it will never end and at other points it's done today?

I was exposed to so much death in my teen years - my friends being killed or dying in so many ways: Murder; suicide; deadly illness; car accidents that it really effected the way I look at life. I couldn't really say today an exact number - it was at least 15 people I knew either personally as a close friend, m…