Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I just tried posting to my KCL blog and it just s*** it out into cyberspace, no draft saved, I was signed in and it told me, after I wrote it, I needed to sign in. BLAHHHHH.

I'm here and whatever, I HATE when that happens !!!!!! Wanna turn me into a grouch, just crap my entry into the toilet for no apparent reason and you'll definitely get my gote.

So much to write about, so little motivation now. The blogging juices are stripped of me when the blogging hosts play games.

I'll bypass all the junk on the field today at work and focus on the homefront. You see, my tenants are GONE. ALL of them. I came home today to nothing - there are no people here.

OHHHH, but there are my ever-loving dogs. Barking, whining, growling and making noises of joy when I come home, today was no different. I unlocked the deadbolt to find - an empty house!!! Oh my gosh, I'm in heaven. My gosh, I haven't been in this atmosphere in ages. I am LOVING it! I don't have to listen to people babbling incessantly on the cellphone, hearing complaints about a drunk that is puking in the bathroom and hearing more complaints - about everything else.

Yayyyyyy! Of course, an empty house means an empty bank account. I am not deterred. A day, week, whatever of a house without all kinds of people around will help me more than vacations to a sandy beach on a deserted island. Hmmm, well maybe not quite that good, but you get the gist of what I'm saying. It's like all kinds of stress has been totally deflated from within me and I am feeling a freedom I haven't felt in a while.

Were that I could just live without tenants, but it's not a happening event, especially not now that my hours at work are cut.

I have nothing else because today has been very busy and because it's getting late.


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