Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Smoke detector alarm went off again last night around 2:00am - no clue why they're going off, the house isn't burning down and there isn't anything hot or otherwise would cause the things to go off. Takes me a long time to get back to sleep after that much commotion.

Coming home and having to write a new ad for Craigslist every day is getting old, too, but I don't have any choice in the matter. I can use the body of some of the posts I have made previously, but it has to be "different" or CL won't let you post it, it gives you a message saying you already have a post that is very similar to the one that you are trying to post - yada yada yada.

Tired and grumpy? Not really grumpy, but I was quite irritated to come home and find Michael had not gone to school today, saying he had no clean clothes and therefore "couldn't" go to school. What I am QUITE sure it really was is that I had installed LimeWire and he just plain didn't WANT to go to school, opting to stay "home" and download music. That dilemna was quickly abated: I have uninstalled LimeWire and he now knows that staying HERE on a day off for nothing is not going to continue to happen. He can stay HOME and be a lazy ass, not here.

Regardless, he didn't touch the thermostat, so at least that was mitigated. I am setting it up to 87 while I have no tenants in here during the day while I'm at work - the substantial savings is quite appealing. It's 3 or even 4 dollars less per day in electric use. Seriously. No, even more than that. I was having up to $14 per day in electric use, the use now is in the $7 range.

It would be GREATLY helpful if I could find future tenants that have roughly the same hours as I do so this could continue to occur and save me money on electricity - but - I'll take whatever hours versus and empty room and no money coming in.

A lady claiming to be deaf and dumb wrote to my ad I placed with my company email this morning saying she wanted to know if I would deal with a person that cannot speak or hear. I don't know, I've never tried, I would think there would be many challenges to such an arrangement, but a person that can read and write could simply write out what they're trying to say. Imagine - put that person in Mimi's room, they can't hear so the kids could make all the noise they wanted and it wouldn't affect her in the slightest.

But - I wondered if the ad was real or not. It was a short, to the point statement, there was no way to tell if it was a scam or not, so I replied and said I would consider it, please write back. The writing back part is the part that helps me determine if it's scam material or not. I need only get a person talking in email to come to that conclusion.

I have a headache from not getting enough sleep last night and I'm about to go take a short nap. It's still quite early - 2:00pm, I got off early because I was over on hours and I have to do some training after regular work hours at work tomorrow.

Yeah, think I'll take that nap.

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