Thursday, August 20, 2009


My company wants me to come in early tomorrow. Some of our customers just don't get it, they forget about making their orders until the afternoon of the day before they need it. Mostly we can accomodate, sometimes we can't. You'd think they would want to be able to keep their crews busy by planning in advance, and I know many of these people that actually do that - but there are plenty that don't.

Anyway, they MUST have this product there first thing in the morning. No problem, dudes and dudettes, let me get on the clock early and I'll do it. I do wish we could go back to at least normal hours - 40 hours per week - as I don't want to get soft and start getting into the mindframe that 7 hours per day is somehow "normal" for a workday.

I have a potential tenant coming tomorrow. He's desperately looking for a place - to take his 2 dogs. I said - maybe - and included the fact of increased rent for more animals around here. I also included that he MUST help clean up after them outside, if I have to do a repeat of what I went through with a certain ex-tenant who NEVER cleaned up after their dog, I don't want anything to do with it. I also want increased rent to cover cleaning carpet more frequently to keep it smelling normal in here. Actually, I really am laying it all on the line anymore - this is what this place is, this is what goes on here. This is what I expect of you and these are the intended consequences of serious infractions.

Danes. These 2 dogs - my Great Danes - are quite humorous to watch. They are always together - almost always I should say. But when they are sleeping, they are ALWAYS together and some part of their body is touching the other. If one barks, the other one is echoing. If one is being petted, the other is immediately up and coming over. I do not - however - like having 2 giant heads in my face while I'm sitting here at the computer. When they get pushy - which is usually always - for attention in putting their face INTO mine - they are history. GO LAY DOWN!!!!!!!

Tomorrow is ....... da da da deeeeee: FRIDAY!!!!! I would love to have a good night's sleep. I am waking up in the middle of the night for various reasons and having extreme trouble getting back to sleep.

There's nothing else - really - as I've had enough for one day.



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