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My company wants me to come in early tomorrow. Some of our customers just don't get it, they forget about making their orders until the afternoon of the day before they need it. Mostly we can accomodate, sometimes we can't. You'd think they would want to be able to keep their crews busy by planning in advance, and I know many of these people that actually do that - but there are plenty that don't.

Anyway, they MUST have this product there first thing in the morning. No problem, dudes and dudettes, let me get on the clock early and I'll do it. I do wish we could go back to at least normal hours - 40 hours per week - as I don't want to get soft and start getting into the mindframe that 7 hours per day is somehow "normal" for a workday.

I have a potential tenant coming tomorrow. He's desperately looking for a place - to take his 2 dogs. I said - maybe - and included the fact of increased rent for more animals around here. I also included th…