Friday, August 21, 2009

I've Eaten Once Today.......

I'm trying to lose weight. I was driving into Casa Grande and stopped at Mikky D's for a large coffee - still on sale for a buck. I decided to go ahead and have a sausage McMuffin as well. It's like an english muffin with some butter, a thin slice of sausage and a slice of cheese - the muffin is toasted. It's 300 calories worth.

I got busy and forgot about eating for the rest of today - until now. It's too late to eat, but I"m going to anyway. An egg omelette with a little cheese; onions; mushrooms; tomatoes; and whatever else I threw in there. It won't fill me up to the point I can't sleep is the point, nothing too heavy here. I got on the scale at the main branch again - up to 199. I figure weight will fluctuate - but hopefully if I keep with this, it will eventually fluctuate down - and down.

Speaking of'll see how this correlates in a minute.....the guy that was supposed to show up today was a no-show (to rent the room, that is). I have had 3 inquiries that I have not replied to since I spoke with him yesterday. I wrote him back a while ago and gave him an ultimatum: if you want the room, communicate with me, if not, I'm moving on as I have 3 other people that have shown interest.

I am not going to wait on people - if they want to procrastinate, they're going to have to do it with someone else cause' I don't have the time or freedom of finances to deal with it. Within 2 minutes of sending that email, he called. He had an excuse - I don't know the man so I don't know if it's valid or BS - but said he would come tonight. No thanks, I go to bed early, come tomorrow. I can write these other people back tomorrow if he doesn't show the second time.

I decided tonight to put myself in the shoes of tenants - I am sleeping in one of the empty rooms. I didn't tell the boys what they could or couldn't do, just do what you normally do. I'm afraid they'll NOT act normal and will be "walking on eggshells" - but, I figure at some point they'll forget and it will be 'status quo'. I have awakened in the middle of the night - well I always do regardless of who's here or not - and went to my bedroom door, quietly opened it and observed. The talk wasn't loud - but maybe loud enough to bother someone that might be sleeping in that other living-room-lining-wall.

Whatever. I actually would like to move into the front room - it has 3 windows, is always bright and shiny in there during the daytime - but I wonder what noise levels might be there in the night. Next to the street, is there a lot of traffic a night? I don't know, but I will be finding out. Figure to do it tonight - if I don't sleep even as good as I normally don't do, at least I can laze around for the next 2 days and catch up with naps and stuff. The reason I wouldn't want to move in there is because it doesn't have my private bathroom and walk in closet and I would have to move a lot of stuff. I'll stick with my room - though afterthought - I don't wonder if I should have had the "optional" window installed in there to let a little more light in there.

I'm a day person in case you haven't figured that one out. I don't stay up late at night, I have no reason to and I don't like being up at night anymore. Maybe if I get caught up in a movie on the weekend - but I always fall asleep cause my body cycle tells me it's time to sleep, so - what's the point.

So, it's Friday night and I'm going to bed in 35 minutes - 8:00pm. Boring life? Hardly. I don't like every aspect of what's going on in my life to be sure, but I am quite comfortable with who I am and what I have done with my life - only a few things in my adult life I wish I could push the rewind button, go back and to it over. Oh well, we all have THAT in our lives, don't we?

G'nite (or G'day depending on where you're at!)