Saturday, August 22, 2009

Open Carry - No Permit

I'm sorry - but I've been reading news blips all over the place about Obama's visit and the fact that people were openly carrying guns at the fringes of the debacle - I mean visit - from Obama.

Is it really any secret that we citizens of Arizona are allowed to openly carry firearms without any kind of permit here? This is the Wild West - you know, the place where the Earp brothers and Doc Holliday had the "Gunfight at the OK Corral" (well, historically it didn't exactly happen there, it happened in the street or so they say in the same town) in Tombstone, AZ?

I went to Tombstone earlier this year with my dad, son and my dad's wife - it's a nice touristy type place but it's really pretty cool. People are drawn there from all over the world - that was easy to tell as people were speaking all kinds of languages of the which I had absolutely no clue where they were from.

But no, I don't need a permit of any kind to grab my 36 long nose, put it in a holster and walk down the street with it strapped to my side. I guess I could grab a 12 gauge shotgun and hold it, barrels down, and walk down the street with it, too.

I wouldn't know because I don't actually, openly carry firearms. I'm not against the ages-old law that allows such, I just don't think it's very smart to do so. I've always been of the thought that it could be inviting trouble for no more reason than you HAVE one. Now, I have toyed with the idea of getting a carry and concealed permit - you can hid the gun on your person legally and go pretty much anywhere excepting probably federal and state buildings and anywhere where it's posted no firearms.

Still, the idea that some travel guru is not going to come to AZ because there were a bunch of protesters that had their guns openly showing for the world to see is ridiculous. Obviously, Obama was never in any danger. Number 1 because those people weren't allowed close enough to be a threat, number 2, even if they were, what do you think the Secret Service was doing, taking smoke breaks and ignoring the situation? You can bet that at any given time there were probably at least a couple of snipers on high perches taking aim at those people -just in case of course.

In case you can't tell, I'm definitely a pro-gun advocate. I do not believe in this pansy idea that private citizens should not be allowed to own firearms. WHAT, pray tell, is going to stop the thieves from going hog-wild like a kid in a candy store if that were to happen in breaking into people's homes and robbery and theft and all of that? Right now, a thief has something to worry about about coming into MY house. If that person comes walking in here with a gun drawn, that's enough provocation right there to cap his stupid @$$ and be done with it.

Or all of those folks that enjoy hunting is a favorite pasttime. Hunting is HUGE in AZ - the elk and deer lotteries are always a big competition to see what, if any draw, you might get for whatever territory.

It may be an age-old argument, but it's a valid one: if law-abiding folks can't bear arms, then only the police and the thieves will have them and we will be defenseless. What, am I going to run at someone with a knife while they're standing there aiming a 44 magnum at my chest? I didn't think so. Well beyond that, it's part of American culture - people own guns, a LOT of people own guns, legally. I have serious doubts that any president is every going to "come and get the guns" from us. There are far too many people in this nation that are pro-gun to allow that to ever happen.

The only caveat I have for it is probably people should take some kind of training - not just how to handle a gun, clean it and all of that, but also the law concerning the use of one. I know that in AZ, if I feel my life or someone else inside of my house feels our lives are legitimately threatened - ie; the robber has a gun or other weapon - I can shoot, and shoot to kill.

Whatever. I have been reading this nonsense - it gets national media attention and only serves to provoke fear in the mind of the reader. Yes, we must get rid of the guns because - what - they were standing there with them at a convention somewhere? Does anyone REALLY think Obama's life was EVER in ANY kind of threat of death?

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