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Open Carry - No Permit

I'm sorry - but I've been reading news blips all over the place about Obama's visit and the fact that people were openly carrying guns at the fringes of the debacle - I mean visit - from Obama.

Is it really any secret that we citizens of Arizona are allowed to openly carry firearms without any kind of permit here? This is the Wild West - you know, the place where the Earp brothers and Doc Holliday had the "Gunfight at the OK Corral" (well, historically it didn't exactly happen there, it happened in the street or so they say in the same town) in Tombstone, AZ?

I went to Tombstone earlier this year with my dad, son and my dad's wife - it's a nice touristy type place but it's really pretty cool. People are drawn there from all over the world - that was easy to tell as people were speaking all kinds of languages of the which I had absolutely no clue where they were from.

But no, I don't need a permit of any kind to grab my 36 long nose, put it …