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I've been writing a lot more on my other blog - but since there are those that are following me here I will continue to write at least one entry a day (try to anyway).
Starting yesterday and finishing just a little while ago, I went and rented a Rug Doctor and went to town.

First I did Mimi's old room because someone was coming over yesterday to take a look at it. It wasn't bad really, at least not in sight, but Pete had told me he had seen her in there several times cleaning up messes. So I did a good cleaning in there just to be sure.

I then did the hallway - that was pretty dirty stuff, I went over that stretch of carpet several times before I was satisfied it was clean.

I then went into a tenant's room whose name shall remain nameless. It was DISGUSTING. A huge trash bag full of beer cans, old rotten food and plastic dishes for frozen/fast food. Garbage laying all over the place, clothing everywhere, it smelled bad and I finally determined WHERE the source of my …