Sunday, August 23, 2009


I've been writing a lot more on my other blog - but since there are those that are following me here I will continue to write at least one entry a day (try to anyway).
Starting yesterday and finishing just a little while ago, I went and rented a Rug Doctor and went to town.

First I did Mimi's old room because someone was coming over yesterday to take a look at it. It wasn't bad really, at least not in sight, but Pete had told me he had seen her in there several times cleaning up messes. So I did a good cleaning in there just to be sure.

I then did the hallway - that was pretty dirty stuff, I went over that stretch of carpet several times before I was satisfied it was clean.

I then went into a tenant's room whose name shall remain nameless. It was DISGUSTING. A huge trash bag full of beer cans, old rotten food and plastic dishes for frozen/fast food. Garbage laying all over the place, clothing everywhere, it smelled bad and I finally determined WHERE the source of my cockroach problem is.

It is no longer. I cleaned that room up thoroughly, included moving the furniture and doing the carpet cleaning thing all over in there. It was so disgusting, though, that I kept thinking I was going to get sick. I've seen people who live like this numerous times in the past when I was both doing missionary work and work in the church, but I have never had such a person LIVING IN MY HOUSE.

Well, anyway, I got that done - it was easily the hardest part of the cleaning - and then moved onto the huge living room this morning. That took a couple of hours, moving furniture around and going over the carpet endless times until the water was coming clean out of the carpet. Think I let it go a little too long this time - with so many dogs I probably ought to be doing this every couple of months.

My bedroom was easy - just had to go over the area where the dogs sleep quite a few times but I didn't bother moving furniture since the only thing a person might find under there is dust. I can't say that it smells any better in here - I really don't ever get a bad smell going here excepting that particular tenant's room that was probably having that smell being distributed all over the house via the AC system - but it looks better and it's just the "feeling" of clean.

So, this potential tenant showed up yesterday, tookalookit the room and I guess he's pretty much decided he wants to move in, but not so fast, Charlie. He didn't bring his dog with him - he has a dog. I'm good with that part of it, but not without that dog meeting my dogs first. They must be able to get along. My dogs pretty much get along with ANY other dogs, but that isn't always true going the other way - other dogs getting along with mine.

Dogs that have not been well socialized can present a big problem. My Danes are hardly afraid of anything, really - well Duke seems to not know how to get out of his own way - but that's a different aspect altogether - point being they can take care of themselves against most dogs, but I really don't need or want that kind of junk going on in my house. The other thing I want to see is if the dog wants to start trying to mark "his territory" - INSIDE my house. If I see that, I'll shake the guy's hand, tell him thanks for coming, please go find another place.

Yes, I have the brazeness if you want to call it that to tell a person that right to their face, as I cannot STAND an animal that urinates or defecates inside of a house, especially in my house considering I have a doggy door they can come in and out of anytime they please.

I haven't heard from the other guy in a while, but - he's old-school so I assume/hope that his handshake was gold. If not, then that sends me back to the drawing board. I'll find out - Wednesday is the 26th I think. I asked him to PLEASE let me know if he changes his mind or finds another place. He said no cause' my place is in between his kids places.

If I could at least get those 2 rooms filled up, then I could see about possibly waiting a little longer to see what's going to happen to Ken since he is showing improvement daily - albeit he still hasn't fully regained consciousness. As one person intoned, a miracle could happen and he could walk out that hospital today for all I know. It IS possible, I don't put anything past the hand of God, that's for sure. Well, I can't do anything about re-renting Ken's room, anyway, until the 1st of the month, so, a little more time regardless.

Please do not get ratchety with me - I rent out rooms for a reason: I need the income to survive, especially right now that I have lost about a grand a month in income due to lost hours at work. I really need the income from all 3 rooms to make it, 2 rooms is not enough right now. When my income comes back - hours back up to normal at least - I can think about reducing it to 2 tenants. It's much easier with only 2 tenants versus 3, it just is.

Anyway, that's it really. I'm going to make some nice Club Sandwiches for lunch/dinner today - it's a bit of work but the end result is worth it.

I have more cleaning projects I am going to do today, so, can't really linger here -
have a great day!

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