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Slow week at work so far - seems like it should be Friday or something.

Anyway, my latest ad landed me a tenant. Well, we shook and he's moving in - but. The But? You never know until they actually show up. He loved the place, told me about his situation, looked around several times, decided this is the place for him.

Again, I always have reservations about people until they actually show up and are ringing the doorbell with a U-haul settin' out there.

I have yet another tentative tenat that I might be able to put off until I find out about whether Ken is actually going to be able to get up on his own anytime soon, or, am I going to have to re-rent the room. If you came over here from my Facebook and you are a friend of Ken's, please think about it before making judgements.

My house is currently more than I can afford with hour cuts at work. Tenants are my lifeblood between staying here - or losing the place. Ken is a good guy and we get along great - but I simply c…