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So, it's official. Ken's family is coming on Saturday to get his things. It's really a relief - his mom told me they're talking MONTHS worth of rehab. I know I've been rehashing this same subject, but it's one that I need to get rectified and behind me one way or the other. As I have been saying, Ken is in a bad way right now and there isn't really ANY progress coming forth now.

Dunno what else to say about it. My mind is so full of getting these rooms re-rented, there is little room for anything else. I did spend some time praying this morning, though for a handful of individuals that came to mind, a couple are fellow-bloggers on KCL.

I have yet to hear from older gentleman that is supposed to move in today. I guess from now on, anyone wanting to hold a room is going to have to give me some kind of deposit money. Not saying this guy isn't coming, I have no clue! That's the trepidation part of it.

Stupid me, I don't know what I did with …