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I could kick myself - but I won't.
SRP - Salt River Project - one of the local power companies, recently changed their modus operandi.
Recently within like a month ago - more or less, can't really remember.
Well, start with M-Power. It's prepaid power, really. You have a card just like a debit card, take it to an M-Power machine, put the card in there, load money onto the card, bring it home, stuff the card into the card-reader and it tells the rather sophisticated electric meter how much you put on there.

On the weekends, it "used" to be that even if you ran out of money on the reader, the power would stay on until 6:00 am Monday and "Accumulated Debt" would show on the reader. Not anymore. Now, it's just like the rest of the week. If you run out of power after 10:00pm, it stills on til' 6:00am the next morning, not Monday morning.

Yes, my money was low on there yesterday, something told me that I was okay until Monday morning and my habit i…