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As this week moves forward - towards my Staycation - the news seems to be filled with more and more garbage. I tend to flip past the political junk and get to the meats of the matter. But, I don't really want to go into it, just interesting stuff going on out there - interesting in a good and/or a morbid way, definitely.

I feel like getting my house filled up with tenants is something that really is a major feat. I had visions of having empty rooms well into September - this month now - and wondering how I was going to deal with certain things coming up. It does give a little confidence for any future fiascos, if it happens again - in the loss of all 3 tenants basically at once.

And even better, none of the current mix are going to school, they are all employed. I say better because people looking for rooms for school are only really going to be looking for such during certain parts of the year, such as right now. Some students get fed up with their living conditions and move s…