Tuesday, September 1, 2009


As this week moves forward - towards my Staycation - the news seems to be filled with more and more garbage. I tend to flip past the political junk and get to the meats of the matter. But, I don't really want to go into it, just interesting stuff going on out there - interesting in a good and/or a morbid way, definitely.

I feel like getting my house filled up with tenants is something that really is a major feat. I had visions of having empty rooms well into September - this month now - and wondering how I was going to deal with certain things coming up. It does give a little confidence for any future fiascos, if it happens again - in the loss of all 3 tenants basically at once.

And even better, none of the current mix are going to school, they are all employed. I say better because people looking for rooms for school are only really going to be looking for such during certain parts of the year, such as right now. Some students get fed up with their living conditions and move somewhere else during a school year, but basically they are good where they are at.

So, I am considering taking Pete - a former renter - up on his offer for free airfare to wherever, though he wanted me to visit his new and hometown of Boiston. I haven't been in Boston in 3 decades and I really don't even remember what it looks like. It would be cool to fly out in an evening, stay a whole day and then fly back 2 mornings later. Pete works 7 days a week at the airport, so probably visiting with him will not exactly be a lengthy deal, but there is a lot of history and things to visit and see in Boston, no doubting that.

Another place I have ALWAYS wanted to go back to is Pittsburgh. I've driven by it in my trucking adventures, but not TO it. I want to go to my old stomping grounds on Davis Avenue in Brighton Heights and see how it has changed. I've been told the woods and forest that used to be behind our house is now an apartment or housing complex, not sure which. Oh that place was fun growing up. Deep, dense woods with trails and huge trees to climb.

No telling if that will ever come true or not. Anyway, I'm going to ask Pete how to go about doing all of this and if he actually will send me tickets or just how that works.

Meanwhile, the temps are coming down during my Staycation and I fully intend on getting with the drip irrigation installation. I have simply put it off as I am just sick of this heat and want to bid it a firm goodbye before going out there to do all of that work.

Well, work day is almost upon me - it's almost 6:30am - and I must get prepared for such as there is plenty to do today, which, thankfully, should keep me busy until it's time to clock out.

Have a great day (or evening, depending on where you're at)!


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