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Well, alot going on.
I wrote an entire entry devoted to the missing dogs on my KCL account, you'll have to go over there to read all of it. In a nutshell, though, one of my tenants did not latch the gate properly this morning, locked the gate OPEN and my Danes got out. Got home, saw they were missing, went straight to the pound, found both of them, that's the jist of the story. Oh, and $238 spent on the ordeal as well.

Well, the dogs are now licensed, they are good on rabies for 3 years as well as Parvo - though I had already given them parvo shots, the pound automatically gives them another dose and said it isn't harmful to get a double dose. And - of course - the dogs are HOME. Not the situation I can say about the tenant, of whom I would like to speak to AGAIN about the gate situation.

ONE work day left until Staycation!!! Yayyyyyyy!!!! I can't wait. To do - nothing? No, I was just outside getting things prepared for my intended marathon to get that dr…