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I was awakened early this morning to the sound of driving round hitting the roof of my house. I had no idea how long it had been going on - but from the looks of my car this morning, not very long. My car was sludged with caked on dirt from a "dirty rain" - which is basically a short-lived rain with dust storms in it's wake and leaving the car - filthy.

Other parts of the valley got hit so hard, all of my deliveries today were cancelled because of flooded jobsites. However, one contractor called back an hour or so after he cancelled it - the sun was shining and the site dried out enough to have a semi come in - over the rocks they put down to drive on - to get unloaded. They were desperate for the pipe.

Right now, the sky to the north is very dark - totally cloud-covered. I started watering my plants but decided to put it off until tomorrow - rain is forecasted and if it's a good, soaking rain, watering my plants right now would be a total waste of water=money d…