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I spent a good deal of today pulling grass that had grown up everywhere on the east side of the house. Check that - I pulled up a LOT of grass that had to be pulled up because of it's proximity to my plants, the rest I used a weed-eater to mow down yesterday. It's been so hot this year, I just let some of it go - and now I can see that that's a really BAD idea.

Grass can choke out anything else that's trying to grow there. I'm not going to let that happen again and I'm also going to do something about making sure my plants have some sort of barrier around them in this particular area so that the grass can't start infiltrating it's "personal space".

I also put one of the drip irrigation centers together - wasn't particularly hard but I need a new hacksaw blade and I ain't getting that until tomorrow if anything is even open tomorrow. It's hard to imagine it's already Sunday evening and normally I would be going to work tomor…


My mom is always asking me long in advance of both birthdays and Christmas what I want and will I just get it and then she will send me a check to reimburse me.

Mom's getting up there in age and lugging around things that are heavy isn't her particular cup of tea, this is her answer to it. Which is cool, of course - and I usually end up getting something I really need versus something I want.

This year will be no different. I have been eyeing the different brands and models of carpet cleaning machines for some time now and have finally settled on a Hoover product that gets rave reviews on it - far greater than any other machine I have read about - on any site I see it with reviews.

The best part is the thing only costs $150 - a FAR cry cheaper than some of the much more expensive models of which I don't see getting such good reviews on them. There is a cheaper model that gets pretty good reviews - it's a Bissell - but the sites I have read say that the Hoover model I a…