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I had my reservations about letting Michael download "songs" from Limewire a while back, today I found some stuff that made this far worse than I would have imagined. I mean, when I let him do the downloads, he spent the night doing that stuff - and then I found out the next day he stayed home from school to continue on.

THAT was bad enough. Today, I'm going through files on my computer trying to get rid of stuff - especially videos and pics - to speed the thing back up. I go into the account Michael used to download all these songs and found hundreds and hundreds of pornographic photos and videos. I have deleted all of that garbage - the porn stuff and left the music. However, I have now decided to delete ALL of it and that will be the end of it. If he loses all of his music - and porn - on that little electronic gadget of his, he'll have to somewhere else to download that shit as it will NEVER happen on my computer again.

I didn't even know you COULD downl…