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Failing Geometry

So, I went to this ROTC meeting for the parents tonight and found out at the end that Caleb is in jeopardy of "imminent failure" of geometry and that if he does fail, ROTC will have no choice but to drop him from the program.

This is Caleb's third year in that program, he would be totally devastated.

As if I needed another ration of crap dumped onto my plate, I have to hear this from his Colonel, not from the ex or him. Not saying anything bad about the Colonel, I'm just aghast that I wasn't even informed about this s***. I am going down to the school tomorrow after work and ask for an audience with whoever about how we are going to get him through this - failure is NOT an option.

I've already started looking up local tutors - their prices and their experience - in helping to get through this. I have absolutely no way to pay for it, but I am going to have to FIND a way if it's REALLY coming down to him failing. I have no clue about geometry, I forgot…

End Of Vacation

I've really been dreading this today - my vacation is over as of waking up for work tomorrow morning.
But not the end of the world - I just hope there are deliveries to make in the truck routing system.
I must admit no small amount of trepidation in taking time off and coming back. I have not seen my company dealing with layoffs in such a manner, but there is always the first time.
Yet, I had the time off coming, everyone else has been taking all kinds of time off, I had to do my 2 stints. I still will have plenty of time off hours left even after this - but I dare not take try taking any more of it for a while. I'm thinking Christmas, but maybe a day off at Thanksgiving as well. Before or after, doesn't matter, definitely the other drivers are going to be looking at time off during a major holiday - the MAJOR holidays are, of course, Thanksgiving and Christmas, with New Years a very close, but still trailing, 3rd.

I only elucidate my feelings - employment is a must, a p…