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My Son And School

After calling Caleb's school today and discussing the situation with his geometry teacher, I decided that I better just GO to his school and get a printout of all of his classes, teachers and find out how to access grades online.

It was WELL worth the trip. The lady in administration heard me out and then proceeded to find his schedule and print it for me. Another lady - a former teacher of Caleb's - remembered Caleb well. She sort of shrugged her shoulders when I asked about whether it was the same in her class as it currently is in geometry - and then said yes.

I'm quite appalled at what's going on here. I asked repeatedly at the end of last school year to see his final report card - I'm assuming there's a reason I didn't see it. Caleb isn't stupid, but it's obvious to me that he isn't very well motivated, either.

In steps daddy. I will not tolerate this kind of crap. I looked at grades in every single class. It shows the activity and it…