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So, Sargeant McBroom wrote back after I inquired him about what else I can possibly do to help Michael get with the program.
I already figured he has had number absences - it's a month into the school year and already 9 absences.

He said he would try to get him a bus pass. That will be the end of it for me, if Michael gets a free bus pass from school and STILL has absences, I'm washing my hands of him. He will be told he can come back and visit us - after the school year is over in June. Seriously. He allegedly got a new video game for his system as his family's house - which is why I didn't see him yesterday - I assume he missed yesterday as well. Missing school to stay home and play video games.

His parents think this totally acceptable and want to be "friends" with their kids. Nice - after they are grown up and out of the house - until that point, you are their PARENT, not their best friend. The things you force your kids to do probably aren't goi…


Jeff - the ex-tenant who has moved back in temporarily - asked yesterday if he could get me to write up a rental agreement. I still have his "old" one from before, but I said okay, it's apparently for use for his lawyer. HOW it is going to be used, I have no idea, but that really doesn't matter.

While doing so - and writing in the monthly amount to be paid - he continued on with his rather unending statements about how much it's going to cost him to retain this lawyer. Supposedly, he has til' November to come up with 5k. I'm not so gullible as to believe much of what anyone says anymore. People I don't know very well? Could be lying through their teeth.

The last time I was looking for the lawyer route, I was told all kinds of extremely high prices - but that it could be paid off in payments. HIGH payments, yes, over a span of 10 months is what one of them stated.

The man has given me no choice. I mean, I have been waiting for him to talk to m…