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I had wanted to take it easy today, and wrote so on my other blog, but no such thing is occuring.
Instead, I have full-tilted myself into a clean spring fiesta of this, that and the other thing - just like a clean house. I had to take the drain apart underneath the main sink's sink and - found a lot of long hair in there. I'll be guessing that's Mary's.

The sink was draining slow and whoever is shaving in there doesn't clean out the residue left behind because of the slow drain.

I wish my printer was working. I am going to write up a schedule and people can fill in the blanks. The schedule is cleaning duties in the main bathroom. I have cleaned the toilet in there I think 5 times this week - urine and slide marks making it a disgusting thing to see when arriving in the bathroom - and other things we won't go into.

I have no obligation to clean all of that up on a continued basis. My son uses that bathroom so I do my share - yes, my share is being the ONLY …