Sunday, September 13, 2009


I had wanted to take it easy today, and wrote so on my other blog, but no such thing is occuring.
Instead, I have full-tilted myself into a clean spring fiesta of this, that and the other thing - just like a clean house. I had to take the drain apart underneath the main sink's sink and - found a lot of long hair in there. I'll be guessing that's Mary's.

The sink was draining slow and whoever is shaving in there doesn't clean out the residue left behind because of the slow drain.

I wish my printer was working. I am going to write up a schedule and people can fill in the blanks. The schedule is cleaning duties in the main bathroom. I have cleaned the toilet in there I think 5 times this week - urine and slide marks making it a disgusting thing to see when arriving in the bathroom - and other things we won't go into.

I have no obligation to clean all of that up on a continued basis. My son uses that bathroom so I do my share - yes, my share is being the ONLY person to clean that thing up. I left the bathroom waste basket full for a week now, seeing if anyone dare take it out - neither I nor my son use it. It was full of tissues and Q-tips and all kinds of stuff. No, no-one threw out the trash and instead, it overflowed and it was all over the floor.

I would like to think that full-grown adults would find it shameful to be leaving it like that, but - I can imagine one thinking that they can just blame someone else and therefore, NO-ONE taking responsibility for it. It's just the way things go with tenants and the only way to correct it is confrontation. I don't like to HAVE to do it, but I have no choice. I have let this situation go for a month now to see if anyone would do anything in there.

As it stands, I just got through scrubbing the entire bathroom out - tub; floor; toilet inside and out; sink, mirrors. The bathtub was rather gross looking with all the soap scum all over it. Fortunately, I use cleaner that basically takes that stuff off, just have to do a little elbow work with a sponge to make it totally disappear.

I then went to my bathroom and scrubbed the toilet - but I keep it clean in there and the cleaning in there took me less than 5 minutes. I am thinking of scrubbing out the entire shower stall, a thing I hate to do, but it looks like it's starting to need it.

Next, my room. Halfway done with that plus the living room and still have vacuuming to do. I would make my son do it but I made him go outside and clean up the dog crap. Michael took off early this morning - he came home late last night. In fact, the only reason it appears that he came over here was to get a decent night's sleep. I don't blame the boy - and I won't go into the reasons yet again since I have done so here too many times and regular readers KNOW the reasons.

On that tone, apparently Michael's family know that the cops are out after Anthony. I sweetened the pot by telling Michael and JD that there is a warrant out for his arrest. I have serious doubts the cops know where they currently live - they are renting yet another house and it wouldn't surprise me at all if it's in a fictitious name or someone else's name altogether. I imagine Anthony would already have been arrested. I - have very good reasons NOT to turn him in, my own house and property and keeping it from destruction are the main factors. I have no fear of these people - if I'm HERE, it's when I'm not here. They know when I'm gone.

So, I'm going to let that one alone - eventually Anthony will get caught and my guess it will be for drunk driving, without a license at that and probably no insurance on the car, either. I don't know whose car it is that he is driving around, I think their Aunt's, but that person is crazy to allow that kid to be driving that car anywhere.

Back to my house. I went to Fry's this morning as well as Home Depot - and bought a nice beef roast that was on manager's markdown. From $14 to $7. They have plenty of those markdowns all the time, reason: due date about to arrive and expire. I always either cook it the same or next day or immediately freeze it. Today - I am going to cook it til' it pulls apart with a fork, drain out the juices (dogs will have a nice treat and taste to their dog food today), dump 2 bottles of very good BBQ sauce in there, walaah - BBQ beef sandwiches with coleslaw and french fries.

Caleb and I will be eating quite well later on. Michael and JD went to Michael's house to watch a pay-per-view - WWE Fake Wrestling - at $40 or $45 per pop, whatever it is. These people have no business spending that kind of money on fake wrestling, but, that isn't my problem. If I were into it, I wouldn't even be paying that much money for it as bills, gas, electricity - normal things - take precedence.

Oh, and my trip to Home Depot - pretty short. I wrote about this in the other blog too, but I'm excited about getting some Petunias and adorning my front yard with them in clusters all over the place. The garden center worker said they just got them in - and it's too early, really, to be planting them because it's still too hot. I asked if it was still too hot, how do they survive in there? the garden center is outdoors. He didn't really know, in fact, he wasn't sure they WOULD survive with it being so warm out still. So, Petunias will have to wait for cooler temps.

I'm also working on getting 10,000 plus emails out of my email box. I thought I was "down" to the 7,000 range today in getting rid of almost 2,500 of them now, but that was just the emails I HAVEN'T read. It's ALL junk mail - penis enlarger this; loan mod that. Freakin' ridiculous. I happened to see "all mail" and it's STILL over 10,000 emails!! I realized I wasn't including the mail I have already read and left in there. So, I am deleting most of it, moving some of it that I want to keep to folders. Give me a week and I MIGHT have this all done and then I will try to stay on top of it.

Umm, there's more but this is enough for one entry. I'm just getting stuff done around here today.

Hope you are doing well.


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