Tuesday, September 15, 2009


There is one important thing about this house I am living in that I left out when I had it built, but now wish I had done. That would be putting some level of sound proofing in the inner walls. Even just plain old insulation would have been good.

Noise isn't that big of an issue here, but it can get interesting. For me, I'm on one end of the house and all the rest of the bedrooms are on the other end, so no big deal. But I think it would be easier having tenants if they weren't exposed to each other's noises. Now, they are keeping it pretty quiet - still - I just wish I would have done something with that thought.

Well, anyway. I'm fairly sure my ex-wife has this blog on her list. If you, mrs. ex. - are here, reading my personal blog, you are totally messed up. You have absolutely no business being here. Reading a person's personal diary that you USED to be married to and are no longer is just plain not right. Not to mention all the s*** you have dumped on me in the last several days, I bid you a good riddance from my blogging adventures and don't invite your friends here, either. If you want to fill their heads full of lies about me, do it on your OWN without reading my blog for "fodder" for your bull****.

I had to purge myself of that, as one of her - the ex's - emails contained an alleged statement I made in whichever blog. But if I recall correctly, which I am quite sure I do, the thing she was mentioning was a statement I made about her not ever getting any of THIS property I am at now. The judge agreed with that in divorce court - this is where I moved to after leaving all that past-life with her behind, she had nothing to do with obtaining this property and since there is not that much paid on it, her "half" of it would be half of the remaining PAYMENTS left on it.

This property is now worth less than I paid for it. But recent estimates bring it to only a 5 to 7 thousand negative. A few months ago, this property was worth fully 30k less than what I originally paid for it. Even that pales in comparison to many people in this part of the country whose properties value have tanked 100k or even more. Can you imagine buying a house for $300,000 and then the economy tanks and now it's only worth 200k or even less than that, though you still have a mortgage that is paying off 300k ? Yeah, pretty sucky.

Well, life goes on. She - the ex - has threatened court action. I am SO terribly sick of her using that as a fear-mongering tool - get me to comply with whatever by threatening court, that I wrote her back and told her to go for it. At this point, I would FAR rather face the judge than continue on with the crap. The one assurance I have in all of this is that this is NOT going to go on forever. My son turns 18 in less than 2 years - he is the only link between us. After the crap she said to me in the last round of emails, I don't care if I never hear from her again. I have NO desire to talk to her in email, phone, snail mail, whatever.

Got distracted by tenants and now it's bedtime.



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