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A big thank-you to my blogging/internet friends in Australia - Neil and Lynne - for sending me some fantastic photos/footage of a bit of the life over there! I didn't know they drove on the wrong side of the road in Australia, I thought that was for Englishmen!!

Let's get on with the business at hand.

I bought the kids a Playstation 3 some time ago, maybe a year and a half, 2 years - don't remember exactly. The things were going for $500 at the time, I found a brand new one for $360.

Those kids have played that thing to death, literally. On the weekends it's playing 15 hours a day, in the summer it's going all the time. I got sick of the thing long ago - I make them turn the volume on the TV it's being played on ALL THEY WAY DOWN when I'm in here and they want to play it.

It quit working last weekend. I found this out from my son. Caleb said I must know about the thing being broken. No, I did not - I don't play the freakin' thing and nobody t…