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I want a cigar. Haven't had one in ages, just want to smoke a big, fat cigar with a glass of something and enjoy the ride.

Well, anyway. I want to move the old Buick, the battery is dead. So, I went down and got a "new" battery - there is a place near downtown Phoenix that sells refurb batteries for $22. It's not too good to be true, either, that place has been there forever and I have bought batteries there before.

Got it home, installed it, car fired right up. Ran for a couple of minutes - then died. Figured it was out of fuel so I went and got a can of fuel. Well, it was only a gallon and the car is on an incline, I can only get it to start run for a flash of a second and dies again. I may tried another can of fuel - later on.

Got a call from someone today looking for a room to rent. Thought that odd because I took down all the old ads. It was a message left by someone, I am not returning the call - well, maybe I will. I have never confronted Jeff on t…