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I really want to hone in on this. I know I spoke of is yesterday - don't really remember if it was here or "there", but it's something I'm tuning into.

Yesterday, a "lazy" Sunday afternoon - not so lazy since I was busy working all over the place around the house, but still - I was sitting on the east side of the house.

From the beginning, when this house was placed on this property, I saw the potential of this portion of my property as being an oasis. I knew that GETTING there would be a major challenge - it takes money to do nice things with your property.

Sure, you can diligently scour Craigslist, a thing I have done to no end - and you can go to yard sales and you can try to find things when they are on sale - I have done all of that. But you don't ALWAYS find exactly what you're looking for on sale or cheap.

I have resisted getting something "lessor" over there because of my intense desire to make that place an oasis.

What really…

Think I'll Post Over Here For A Little While

I am not leaving KCL - I said I wouldn't so I won't. That does not mean I HAVE to post over there. When all the foul and vicious junk that's going on over there dies down, I'll get back to it over there. I suspect that even though there's a temporary lull, the worst of it is yet to come. Certainly, it's not totally over.

I just have other things I need to focus on right now and that kind of atmosphere does not lend well to it. This morning, the amount of lewd vulgarity was more than I could handle. So call me a wimp, I like to think of myself as civilized, out of the Barbarian age and beyond such things. I love a lot of people over there, but the mob mentality took over if not temporarily, just wait a few days for it to die down.

Now, read this again, for anyone that wants to go running to KCL: I am NOT leaving the place and I am not trashtalking it. I am speaking my opinion. I think the admins of the place are great people who have been put under a lo…