Friday, September 25, 2009

I'm Not Upset

I am not upset about the situation with KCL - I'm disgusted in some respects, but there is no anger here.
It's simply that I find the stuff going on on certain - which could be labelled as many - blogs to be unacceptable, at least for me. Which is fine, the point is that even the home page has been absolutely littered with pure garbage in terms of lewdness and sexual references laced with f bombs and just - junk.

I took Fin's post today labelled sex in the toilet to be tongue-in-cheek - dear Fin, I would have been interested to see what comments you would have gotten on that entry. Oh, now that I think about it, good idea to close the comments!

Will my "rant" get anything done? Dunno, but I was at the point that I felt that I must say something - especially considering the people in question writing the content that is questionable (at best) certainly have no inhibitions whatsoever in displaying that content in their titles, proudly, for the world to see.

That is done. I'm still over there and even posted yet another entry - this one title The F Bomb - but that entry has nothing to do with KCL, instead having to do with a certain of Caleb's teachers - a high school teacher to clarify - engaging in a tirade of foul litany today including the f-bomb being dropped towards the teenagers that were in his classroom. I don't really want to write all that again - if you are so inclined as to want to read it, it's "over there" on the other blog.

The weekend is here. This is a good thing. The temps, however, are not agreeable yet. They are dealing nicely cooled morning temps - by Phoenix standards anyway - but it was definitely HOT this afternoon. The armored car guy came in a few minutes ago - smelled horrible. Large man, sweats all day long with all that garb on he has to wear with a huge bulletproof vest and such. Yes, please do take a LONG, hot or cold or whatever shower, thank you.

I haven't been out in the yard yet - which is not good because the sun is starting to go down. But, I can ignore it for a day in watering since the temps are getting lower, still hot but not THAT hot - I'm trying to save on water bills.

Oh, I've done enough writing today - I'm done with this.

Have a great evening, take care of yourselves - later!

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