Saturday, September 26, 2009

Summer Will Never End

I'm sure of it. It's just going to stay at least 103 for the rest of my life here.

If you could get an inkling of fathomation of how tired I am of the heat, you would understand. It's going to be 105 today and 107 tomorrow - near the end of September!

I was hoping I could both go get some perennials and some rye grass to plant on my patch out back - but no way. The heat will kill the flowers quickly and the grass probably won't even grow - but if it did, it wouldn't last very long.

No, the high temps must be below 100 and stay that way before I consider doing any of that.

Meanwhile, Mary took her nice little wrought iron table when she left - of course she would it's hers. I would have offered her some money for it, but she owes me so much that there is no way on earth I'm giving HER anything. I have put out of my mind for a while in suing her as I have other things going on, not the least of which is dealing with this IRS situation.

I have plenty of time to sue her, she may think she's gotten off the hook but she's going to get served eventually by a process server and reality will come back to her. I have not let go of the fact that she attempted to have me arrested on a bogus charge. If it weren't for that, I doubt I would even still be thinking about it.

Meanwhile, I have had enough of not having a working printer in my house - I could have used it 6 ways to Sunday by now and I keep putting it off hoping I will find one on Craigslist like the one I have now so I don't have to waste the freshly bought ink cartridges, but I've held out as long as I am going to. There are plenty for sale on Craigslist for cheap, just hope the one I get has at least half filled cartridges.

So, I'm looking on Craigslist for a cheap wrought iron table for the outdoors - and there are plenty on there for very cheap and now I'm going to look for a printer as well. I have sent off a dozen or so emails on tables - one of them is gorgeous with a glass top and they only want $20 for it!! This is a sign of the times, folks, that stuff would be going for 10 times that amount in a normal economy.

An outdoor table makes the situation on the west side of the house look inviting. I do have a glass top table set up next to my grill, but that is for grill use. I want a low-heighth table for sitting and drinking coffee and eating out there as well. Set it up right next to the grass and against the western block wall - I already have chairs out there.

So, I'm just waiting for anyone to write back. I kinda hate to take advantage of someone that's obviously selling off stuff for a few bucks, but they are setting the prices. It's not like I would try to talk the guy down that is selling the $20 table or anything. That would, I am sure, be insulting considering what the table looks like in the photo, he might as well be giving it away for the $20 - it may already be sold for all I know.

It's too hot outside for me to want to do anything. I'm tired of the heat, I've had enough and I'm just going to stay inside. I cleaned up the dog dung and watered some of the plants that need watering, I'll get to the rest of it this evening when it starts to cool down. Supposedly, after the next 3 or 4 days, the temps are going to cool off considerably.

Well they SHOULD, it will be OC-freakin-TOBER by then! It BETTER cool down in OCTOBER!!! Geeze.

I have not gone to the casino in ages and I suddenly got this hankering to go. That is usually a very good sign, but I'm not sure I will go anyway. I hate the smoke filled rooms, it just makes me naseous by the time I leave I'm feeling sick half the time from inhaling all that second-hand smoke. I would love to go "earn" a couple a hundred bucks, though. When I have this feeling - hard to explain - I can pretty much expect that I will walk out of there with more than I came in with.

Oh well, maybe later - maybe not at all. It would be nicer than sitting in the house all day long, though.

I think I will head up to Home Depot to look around the garden center even if I ain't buying nothin' yet - kinda the man's version of women's clothes shopping.


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