Monday, September 28, 2009

Fall Is In The Air...........

.........I'm sure of it - everywhere but HERE. Okay, the dying leaves on my tree out front are the only indication I have seen yet that fall is here. 105 is the predicted high tomorrow - but - 89 is the predicted high for Thursday!!! Yoohoo - and better be true.

Well, anyway, I have finally decided to sell off the Lazy Boy love seat and ottoman. I have no room for it - it's a beautiful piece of furniture - but it is taking up space, is never used and looks very gawdy where I have it. And where I have it is the only place it can go, besides out. So, out it's going to go. Either sell it for what it's worth - or trade for something.

Yes, I'm just changing subjects as fast as I change gears in the semi - which is pretty fast actually. Not really focused on any one thing right now. The situation with Caleb's teacher is dealt with as far as I'm concerned - the District thinks differently but it's totally out of my hands and whatever his fate will be, I put my 2 cents in.

My 2 cents? I said I hope nothing serious in terms of consequences happens to him because he made a very impassioned statement about his love for teaching and that he was truly sorry for what he did and said it would NEVER (his lettering of it) happen again, and from reading about the guy, I'll take the optimistic and hopeful side and trust that he's telling it like it is. The man is going for a docotorate's degree, that is some serious commitment to his profession. I told the principal that today and I am calling the superintendant tomorrow and saying the same thing.

.........and hope I am not wrong about the guy. Heck, he's a Steelers fan, what else need I know? lol.

BlackBird on the other blogging site suggested that I take a trip to see autumn in all it's colors. A day trip will do that for me. I'm quite sure my son wouldn't want to go with the old man for a - trip into my own world of seeing and soaking in the breathtaking views that nature has in autumn. I know just the place to go to see such - about a 100 mile drive I'm guessing. Hey, I live in a desert, to really see the goods I have to get out of the desert. Really what I would like to do is simply drive up to the place, park the car and go for a long hike into the mountains. I care not that it would be alone. I suppose I could take one of the dogs - any of which would love the trip I am sure. I will NOT take all 3 of them, that would ruin the trip - too much to deal with.

I'm thinking of doing that this coming weekend - get up early on Saturday or Sunday - get to the place in a couple hours or less - probably less the way I drive - spend a half day there.

Will I do it? I may very well. I need a change of scenery, something to shake me out of this stagnation I feel I'm currently in. It's just that the summer heat has been so stifling, it has done it's job on my psyche. I look forward to BBQ'ing outside and simply enjoying the outdoors again.

I sent the form in to get my 2007 W2 from my company. An entire form that you have to fill out and sign, plus send your ID plus pay $10. Yup, my bad, I have looked and looked and looked for that tax stuff and I simply cannot find it anywhere. I have no idea what I did with it, but wherever it is, I expect I will find it AFTER I needed it. That's the way things work sometimes : |

As I stated on my other blog, I may have been exposed to Swine Flu. A worker at the main branch came down with it this weekend, many of us were close enough to him to "catch" some germs on Friday. No idea. If I get symptoms of flu, I'm headed to the nearest medical facility to find out if I have it, and if so, get me the drugs, now, please. That worker has been confined to his house and his family was asked to leave for at least 5 days. Incredible.

Hey, a tenant actually paid me BEFORE the rent is due for once!!! Amaaaaaaazing!!!
The older gentleman, of course. I haven't heard from him about any discontents here, but then again, he doesn't like to talk much, he just walks through, says a few words and disappears either into his room or out to his truck with his dog. Well, I don't demand or even expect tenants to have any kind of friendly relationship with me, as long as they're civil - which he always is - what he does is his business.

Ummm, I'm just waiting for the heat to disappear, really. It WILL change things. I hate being indoors as much as I am. Oh, the Michael report: nothing. He isn't around at all now that the Playstation III is broken. His life is dictated by video games, he's truly a junkie. To the point he will miss as much school as possible to stay home and play stupid games. I wish I had parental authority over him - I would vanquish those stupid games until he returned to a normal life without them - such as going to school everyday.

Well, I have no control over that and I always wash my hands of it. My son is asking to have the thing fixed - the Playstation III, I'm not really that interested in it. Not just because of the money involved but also because of the fact that since that thing has been shut off, kids are finding other things to do.

That's it. It's not bedtime for me yet, but I'm very tired. I slept about 5 and a half hours last night and worked all day straight through without a break or without eating. I got to eat after work, yes, but it always does something to me to work all day without having a chance to stop and get a bite.

As for you all, have a great evening/day/whatever's going on in your part of the world.

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