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Renting Is Not For The Faint Of Heart

No, it most certainly is not.
You go into renting a house, an apartment, an efficiency - my case: rooms, and you start off nievely thinking that everyone thinks the same way you do. Pay your rent on time, use common sense in the house, treat each other with respect. Oh, and BTW, if you happen to miss the bowl, clean the - mess I'll put it as another word came to mind - up.
You find out after not very long that people that are renting are more unsensical and somewhat selfish in their ways of doing things around your house than not. Some are very sensitive, I'm not throwing out the blanket of totalitarianism.

But, I have had my share of the bad kind and I have learned to shore up and not be so giving.

However. In the case of the ex-tenant who came back for a few months, I was thinking this person was going to behave as he did when he was here before: he paid his rent on time and then when his girlfriend moved in, he paid extra for my extra monthly incurrences. Okay, so I …