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Stuff today.

I spent a couple of hours out front pulling weeds and grass. They weren't huge - I just let it go for at least a month because of my hatred for the everlasting heat wave. Today they said something like this was the second hottest summer since they started keeping records. I TOTALLY believe that.

Well, when I went out there the sun was starting to set and it was already cooling off considerably. It was 63 degrees this morning when I went to work. Of course it heated up dramatically during the day - and I was busting my butt at work all day long. So, pulling weeds and the dogs out front was nice. My newly returned neighbor was laughing it up loudly with his neighbor on the other side - the ex-felon (though I have to wonder if the ex part is permanent) and I decided to tune that crap out.

I have also decided that since my neighbor is going to spend a majority of his time with that freak next to him, I am going to distance myself from both of them, unlike last &quo…