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The Woman At The Store

I'm a pretty amenable person. If a stranger wants to kick up a conversation somewhere about something we are both doing or looking at buying - whatever - I'm all good. Only if I'm in a hurry will I dismiss the conversation - but politely of course.

Well, I went to Safeway on the way home from work today. They have chicken breast on sale for 99 cents per pound, I wanted to get at least 4 packages of it. Of course, GETTING to Safeway was an adventure in itself with rude and stupid drivers attempting all kinds of dangerous and idiot moves on the road.

I say attempted because what people can get away with in cutting me off in the semi - they cannot get away with when I'm in my car.

Case in point. I'm driving the semi today - I leave enough space between my truck and the vehicle in front of me that I can shut the truck down in case "something" happens. You will see many truck drivers lagging behind vehicles - it's not because they are necessarily sl…