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Ahhh, yes, I found the energy after a full day's work and yes, I fired up that BBQ.\\

It did not, however, want to cooperate. I turned the valves on and - nothing.

Got me a little stick and hit the regulator - yes hard enough to free it up - and yes, gas started flowing.

Pork chops and chicken.

I'm only writing because I'm ecstatic that the weather has changed so dramatically and it's actually NICE to be outside again.

I have only been in the house today to write a couple of posts - though I posted a bunch of pics on my other journal and that took QUITE some time.

If I remember correctly, posting pics here is MUCH easier, simply copy and paste.

Okay, so I did it. I posted the pics. I did not give the explanations here as I did on the other blog - if you have questions about any one or more pics, simply ask or - go to the other blog and explanations are given under each photo.

I will say that this my property - a lot of it but not all of it. Especially cool were the pl…

400th Post

I can hardly imagine that I have put up 400 posts on this site including this one, especially considering this is not really my main blog right now. Well - perhaps it's really a close mix of half and half. A little more than half on the other blog, just a little less here.

No biggies.

Grass cut. Fertilizer applied. Watered. Fence posts and fencing put up. Grass seed applied. Watering now.

That's consumed several hours of this day - that on top of everything else I have already done.

I look around the INSIDE of my house and figure a cleaning rampage is in-cue. But I am running out of steam, it's gonna have to be tomorrow morning when I start that - though I intend on at least cleaning my bathroom today.

In fact, really, I don't plan on doing anything else outside today. I was going to BBQ, but unless I get really worked up for it - which I am just drained out of energy - I doubt that's going to happen either. Although it would be cool to BBQ the package of ce…


After doing all the work this morning - would have to see other blog to find out about that, but in a nutshell I bought perennials today and planted them along with starting the groundwork to plant winter/rye grass and a lot of other stuff - I took a break.

But - it's time to start grilling outdoors again. I went and filled up my propane bottle which has been empty for quite some time in anticipation of grilling at least one package of the bone-in chicken breast I bought at Safeway yesterday (99 cents per pound).

2 tenants have paid up and my dad sent what is becoming his 'usual' amount to help me out during these tough economic times. The non-paying tenant - well it's really getting to me. He promised to pay this week yet he walks through here and produces nothing. Not even excuses, there is literally nothing. I will be thinking about writing up another 5-day notice tomorrow. I say another - as I have had to do with other tenants who didn't pay such as Mary a…