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Monday/Hot On The Trail

A lady that I "met" online through Craigslist - I placed an ad and she was one that responded - well we have been writing each other for some time now. Months and months anyway.
The problem is that she lives in Flagstaff and I, of course, live in Phoenix. We talked about everything in mostly PM's for quite a while and though I thought we could definitely make a good fit with each other - I finally had to come to the conclusion that attempting to date someone that doesn't live in the same metro area probably isn't going to work for me.
We talked yesterday - she said I am too busy for her, but really, I can't just drop what I'm doing and drive up to Flagstaff, plus I don't really LIKE driving much anymore - and that's really my problem with it. We parted ways amiably.

I gave some thought to this before this conversation yesterday. There are millions of people in the Phoenix area, surely there is somewhere here that I could meet up with and hopefu…