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I'm going to have to figure out how to post pics on this site that show the entire pic, instead of half of it. That is rather annoying. Perhaps changing the size when I snap the shots - but then they don't look as good. Anyone have any suggestions?

I have already posted in my other blog the same thing I am going to post here, there is no need to re-write it twice so I'm copying and pasting that stuff.

First, my son just called me. He took a 25 question test in Geometry today. He went to Homework Lab yesterday and this morning he went in to get help from his Geometry teacher before school. I was puzzled about him going to see his teacher before school because we butted heads about that situation on Sunday. He didn’t want to have to do that because he’s already going to Homework Lab after school, I wanted him to do BOTH until his grade in that class comes up to at least a C average.

I’m guessing he’s trying to make me happy with him by doing everything that I am asking - wel…