Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I'm going to have to figure out how to post pics on this site that show the entire pic, instead of half of it. That is rather annoying. Perhaps changing the size when I snap the shots - but then they don't look as good. Anyone have any suggestions?

I have already posted in my other blog the same thing I am going to post here, there is no need to re-write it twice so I'm copying and pasting that stuff.

First, my son just called me. He took a 25 question test in Geometry today. He went to Homework Lab yesterday and this morning he went in to get help from his Geometry teacher before school. I was puzzled about him going to see his teacher before school because we butted heads about that situation on Sunday. He didn’t want to have to do that because he’s already going to Homework Lab after school, I wanted him to do BOTH until his grade in that class comes up to at least a C average.

I’m guessing he’s trying to make me happy with him by doing everything that I am asking - well demanding in some things as I find much of it unacceptable - and today was the best news yet. He got 24 out of 25 correct! Yes, folks, that’s an A - he hasn’t come anywhere close to that at all this year. His teacher gave him his score early - a thing that teacher never does, because Caleb told him this morning that he HAS to get at least a C- minus in that test today or much heavier study time is going to be ‘induced’.

I’ll call my jubilation over his grade today “Temporal Elation”. Elated, yes, but only for right NOW. There are lots of tests to go and he is going to have to continue to work hard to keep his grade up in that class. He will be rewarded for doing - almost miraculous - job on that test today. Dunno what, yet, didn’t tell him that either. Probaby send him off to the movies or something.

The other bit of good news is that I am actually getting a bonus this year! Like next week!! Freakin’ too me TOTALLY by surprise. A company that’s laying off people; shutting down stores; getting rid of equipment; cutting back hours; this that and the other thing and the come along and surprise us with a bonus? I’ll take it!! Yayyyy!

Another nice thing that is going to happen is that tomorrow I get to take a trip up to Globe. The whole area up there is basically mining based economy. There is an old mine right next to the main highway going through there and this time I am going to take a minute to stop and get a pic of it. It’s basically a man-made canyon, really. It’s huge and breathtaking. I love taking the scenic routes up into the mountains, and I’ll bet there will be some autumn colors along the way once I start getting up in elevation!! I hope to be able to get some pics of that, too. Take my break time to stop a couple of times and hopefully get some good pics.

I get a day of reprieve from all the negativity. The tenant handing me some money last night was - at least helpful. Better than nothing at all.

So, that's the copied from the other journal but not stale news going on.

I'm very psyched about the prospect of driving up to Globe tomorrow. I will be driving through several areas where Autumn colors should be showing very beautiful, paintable, picturesque scenes. I'm going to recharge my camera tonight to make sure I don't miss the opportunity to capture some of that on - well it isn't film, so whaddya callit? Caputure it into electronic circuits that keep those pics in there somehow - probably they invented how to stuff a person into a container that is the size of maybe a large jewelry box - well you never know - and he or she does all of that in there.

Hey, I'm just open to a wide range of things. 30 years ago would you have thought that the technology we have today was even possible, much less in the hands of virtually everyone on the planet? Talking on telephones through the air? The list is long, not even worth going into.

I would probably not just drive up there on my own to see Autumn. What fun is that? It would be fun, yes, I can make it fun on my own, but I sooo need someone to share my life with.

Ummm, so that's it. A beautiful day here - temps up in the high 80's I think is what it got to. Though, you go into the direct sunlight and it is definitely much hotter than that.

I'm hungry and it's right at my no-eat time - I'll cheat a little, only at once today.


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