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So - I spent an hour or more this morning loading up the truck and then a trip up into the mountains. Woo-hooooooo!

Got my camera freshly charged for just such occasion as might pop up to warrant taking some pic - and more to the point - hopefully pics of Autumn in full swing.

I'm also here - here at work that is - even earlier than I normally come in so I can spend a few quality minutes reading the trashy world news, drinking free coffee and basically waking up. No, I am not on the company clock when I'm doing this, which is pretty much a daily event. I intend on signing in early, though, cause' a truck is showing up early and then I have a pretty good drive ahead of me and want to get a good jump on the day.

Ummmm - now I'm reading an email to me from the boss saying something different - well not different. We are delivering to a project for ADOT - Arizona Department of Transportation - and though it probably doesn't say it on the ticket, they are specifying we …